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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the social.bau-ha.us moderators.

  1. We believe in cyberanarchism; and like any good old-fashioned anarchist collective, we look out for each other. Therefore we will not tolerate behaviors resembling... sexism nationalism racism homophobia transphobia ableism harassment doxxing ... ...you probably get the picture.
  2. Content Warnings are nice. Please use them when appropriate. As an example: Posts about food, violence or mental health issues should be tagged. If in doubt, use them. People that do not want to see CW's can toggle them off in their settings.
  3. If you use automated posts (bots, twitter crossposts, etc.) please post them unlisted (not appearing in the local timeline, still visible to everyone). Social media is about interaction, so we like to have some of that in our local timeline, too.
  4. We do not like twitter. Please avoid links to birdside. If we wanted to see it, we had an account over there.
  5. Oh, and because we're not really huge fans of this whole capitalism thing: no ads for stupid stuff. Thanks. :)
  6. Please use the "why do you want to join" box to let us know why do you want to join our instance and to convince us that you're human (or a nice non-human). To make it easier for us to filter spam registrations please also tell us about your favorite forest creature.
  7. Be excellent to each other! (J.W.v.Goethe, 1932) [[Citation needed]]