today is yuri's night! 60 years ago, the first human reached outer space.

no party this year. you know why. but maybe gaze at the stars and melancholically think of what could have been (and how we got elon musk instead).

how about a nice soviet scifi movie for your evening entertainment? "Мечте навстречу" is available for free - it's a movie about the fictionalized first landing on mars, and it's from 1963 and has several references to gagarin's flight.
russian dub:
east german dub:
(afaik there is no english version, unless you count "Queen of Blood", a 1966 film that "reappropriated" footage for a b-movie-horror-flick)

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@yurisnight if starts aren't visible, there's also this movie called "First Orbit":

Юрий Гагарин говорит Поехали!

Soviet-era poster of Yuri Gagarin saying "Let's Go!"

April 12, 1961


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