Our body is simply a survival construct, that is my belief.

What causes attraction, though?

someday game designers are gonna realize that making augmentations make you less human is actually a horrible, bigoted mechanic and the best tradeoff mechanic for cyberware in rpgs is the compatibility headaches you get from reconciling seven different networking protocols with each other and your own biology without it all shutting down

Remember how Facebook said your 2FA phone number was for security then used it for advertising? And their VPN that actually spied on you?

Any way, they said their Libra crypto currency is handled by a different group and they won't access your financial data.

I'm raising money to help pay for gender affirming surgery I just found out will be nearly $5000 after insurance. If you are able please consider donating. Boosts appreciated


@BrokenBiscuit thanks. Just looked at your post -- it doesn't violate our content guidelines; the plain URLs triggered the automated spam filter (it's what many spammers do).

I'm away from the computer at the moment but will remove the spam filter for you within an hour or two.

Cc @emsenn @paeneultima @Jo @walruslifestyle @Electronic_Bunny

Scenes from a protest at the Russell Senate rotunda against ICE operations

Pol Concentration Camp, Solidarity Strike 

when you use @writeas to write about standing up to nazis and you're blocked from posting because

"Malicious speech. Don't encourage violence or hatred. Don't use Write.as to bully people."

1) get chased off corporate social media
2) heavily invest in using alt social media
3) assholes show up
4) assholes: "if you don't like it just leave"

and the cycle of bigots taking (and being given) space continues


Nearly 20 years. If only we could bomb-pants like fallout, theres a good use for a LAM.

@personanonduvda Hey, thanks for playing Terminus Machina!

Deus Ex is old, but still holds up!

I am pretty good with non-lethal till I get to Versalife, with the homeless people experimented on in cages and I go like full Rambo. πŸ˜‚

first they came for the nazis, and i said "thanks for getting rid of the nazis"

the KotOR II menu music started playing whilst I was making my character

yup, I'm going to enjoy this c:

@freakazoid Gotcha. And hard agree.

I think there is space for collaboration, but the big problem is that people that are in the position you describe want to do so on their terms and not what actually helps.

And that usually results in the dumpster fire of projects we see coming out now.

@Are0h Of course. I'm not saying it's something anyone needs to be sympathetic to. I'm just trying to figure out how best to change the situation. It seems to me that the most efficient way to pull the fence sitters over to a given side is to maximize the width of what you consider to be the fence and push as few people over to the other side as possible.

Which just to be clear is not the responsibility of the oppressed. It's the responsibility of anyone who wants to be an ally.

LOL, so write.as is out here providing cover for bigots as well, huh.

I love how we're seeing all of the open source spots die on the hill of defending hate speech because they don't have the spoons or quite frankly the courage to engage a nuanced discussion, so they take the cowards way out.

I LOVE this is happening.

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