A #mastodon exclusive! You are invited to play on a *REAL* PDP-8/e running the TSS/8 monitor (TimeSharing System 8) pictured here. There is a user contributed tutorial here:


To connect, ssh tss8@tty.livingcomputers.org

If you are unable to connect that means all 6 (yes, just 6) lines are in use. Remember, this is real hardware and there is NO EMULATION happening. It is the real deal! Enjoy!

#retro #fun #computing

I'm the series editor for a series of #OpenTextbooks for Introduction to Philosophy courses, and we now have two books published (out of nine planned)!

Philosophy of Mind: press.rebus.community/intro-to

Ethics: press.rebus.community/intro-to


Ah, textbook prices:

<< Having grown at many times the rate of inflation, the cost of a leading economics book can be over $250; a law school casebook plus supplement can cost $277. Adding to such prices is the dubious trend of requiring students to obtain digital access codes, averaging $100, to complete homework assignments.

Professors love tough questions. Hereā€™s one we need ask ourselves: Are we helping rip off our students? >>


<< The root problem is that it is just too easy for us, the professors, to spend other peopleā€™s money. Just like doctors who prescribe expensive medicine, we donā€™t feel the pain of buying a $211 book of uneven quality and no real use when the course is finished, or a digital access code that costs $100 and is designed at least in part to disable the used-book market. >>

True, but also kind of a plastic-straw-ban way of thinking. Onus on the individual, the basic system blameless.

just build your own Chaos Communication Congresses, build a shitload of them, build them everywhere

there's too many people at this one as it is

Facebook's in trouble 

ok, all you new people who arrived in the Fediverse this week... and there do appear to be a LOT of N00bs(in the best sense).... Let's do a Follow Friday!


@djsundog is possibly the best all around netizen on the Fedi.

@maxeddy Tech journalist, and nice and approachable too... I even assume he likes hugs.

@ella_kane our community organizer in this corner of the fediverse, and mastermind on #WeareNameless, a monthly movie viewing session... a LOT of fun!

@lilithsaintcrow and @mwlucas Both authors who have inspired discussions often, that lift the lid on the publishing industry.

@Mainebot He's like... to the north of me... but kinda smart.... and smart-alecky....actually a very solid source of quality thoughts on a wide range of topics.

@viciousviscosity qUEEN OF gIFS

@tek, admin of Freeradical.zone, also a name to watch for infosec.

@jerry Admin of infosec.exchange

@JohnsNotHere Host of the Purple Squad Security podcast

@drwho @remotenemesis @GeoffWozniak @ryen @m4iler

on and on...

Sooo many other great netizens... The instant I post this I will regret many I didn't list.

My wife has this idea to put communication boards on the playgrounds of the schools for the district she works for. Basically these have different acrylic buttons that allow kids to communicate regardless of their language or disability. She has students helping with coding and a 3D printing teacher who can help design it.

A church for wind of the idea and they said they would help pay for it if they shared the design stuff so they could help put them in all the public parks in town. It's a big project, but it could help kids play together in all public and school parks in a whole town.

"With streaming services there's no reason to pira-"

Exclusive content

Content that can easily be removed by any contract changes

Region locking

Not being able to offically know which content is available before subscribing

Bad UI

DRM playback

Online only

Only on supported devices/OSs/browsers

Webbkoll ā€“ feature request for detecting report-uri/report-to directives:


ā€“ All: What is your opinion on these directives?
ā€“ Admins: Do you use centralized providers like report-uri.com/uriports.com or your own reporting server?
ā€“ Users: Did you check for these directives ever before?

#reportingapi #reporturi #reportto #webbkoll #privacy

Simjacker ā€“ 29 affected countries released:

adaptivemobile.com/blog/simjac (question 3)

ā€“ In Europe, at least 1 mobile operator in Italy, Cyprus, and Bulgaria is/was affected.
ā€“ At least 61 mobile operators are/were affected worldwide.
ā€“ ~861 million SIM cards are affected according to the report.

#simjacker #vulnerability #smartphone #security #infosec #cybersecurity

So say the macOS Catalina update bricked your Mac (twitter.com/aral/status/118146) and so you need to copy your account to an external hard drive so you open up Terminal in recovery mode and pop in something like:

cp -R /Volumes/bricked /Volumes/external

You know you have to wait about a day for the 1TB to copy over so you leave it. Next you check: the damn thing is asleep.

šŸ¤¬ šŸ¤¬ šŸ¤¬

To fix:

Open another terminal window and enter:


FFS! Recovery mode should do this by default.

Another thing: I can't stand people that pretend passion for a trade/practice, then proceed to gatekeep. My knowledge is free, and I'm eager to help when others run into issues I have experience resolving. Even if I don't, I'm willing to learn with you.

watching chernobyl while assuring myself of the superiority of capitalism

The prospect of living off of battery for days has me thinking about low power electronics, too. Laptop is too power hungry, though I do have that 7 inch one. I guess I can get a SIM card and move it to the feature phone I have in a drawer somewhere if I need long periods of power. Or I could switch to a 2 way pager instead of 1-way. That depends on 2 networks but can send and receive both SMS and email with a battery that lasts for days

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people who donate thousands to millionare twitch streamers.

Twitter admits email address and phone number given for security purposes was used for targeted ads

Someone earlier said Jeff Bezos makes more in a week than you could have earned at $5k/day since Columbus reached the US.

I didn't believe it.

I checked.

It appears to be true.

This is disgusting.

me: i would like to put an X button at the corner of this box

css: hmm, have you considere'd, fuck you?

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