DSS 55 receiving data from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter at 1.0Mb/s.

My patreon.com/ottom6k account can be used to provide both moral and financial support for my #OpenBSD work. While I love working on OpenBSD all by itself, it's even more lovable if I get some tangible form of appreciation from the community!

up bright and early, ready for another long day of flexing on my haters


portland shit / the lawl / opsec 

portland shit / the lawl / opsec 

Mastodon doesn't have a direct system to verify users' identities.

However, if you own a website you can verify your identity as its owner 👍

1. Go to Preferences > Profile > Appearance

2. Scroll down to "Verification", copy the code and paste it onto the front page of your website

3. Add your website to "Profile Metadata"

4. Click "Save Changes"

That's it!

Your website address should now be verified in green on your profile 🎉

Previous #MastoTips:

A shout of appreciation into the fediverse for the JOY!!! of our domain names. I’m on tootplanet.space??? Or sunbeam.city??? Or wandering.shop? Y’all are on places like jorts.horse? How beautiful are all of these! How open-world


I've talked before about being from a coal mining family.

Union miners.

I watched family get tear gassed at strikes when I was in second grade.

I remember clearly wondering why this conflict needed to be. "Bosses" became an evil thing to me... an unbearable thing.

That represented to me an evil power structure.

I was also beginning to experience bullying. I didn't have it as bad as other kids... I was a little bigger than most.

But I recognized later, that the bullying quickly ramped into fights for me. Not because I sought fights, but I refused to submit.

Why did I refuse to submit? Because deep down I knew that this was that hierarchy trying to place me.

I've really never stopped having that knee-jerk reaction to seek conflict with any rigidly organized structure.

It's hard to exist in the modern world with these emotions.

I think it's why I do what I do.

When an app wants access to your location on elementary OS, it has to ask. We show a prompt telling which app and how precise it’s asking—and you can always revoke access later in Security & Privacy settings. Because your data belongs to you, and only you. buff.ly/2XIgbsF

Mail forwarder recommendation? 

an appeal to the fediverse regarding anti-abuse 

uspol, news summary 

TheSuper8.bandcamp.com is gone.

But I have the torrent. DM me if you'd like a magnet link. Can't stop the signal, Mal.

politics, slavery, capitalism 

gab / kiwifarms / harassment 

@yaaps Every time I hit a roadblock like that I give feedback to whoever posted the link asking them not to do it again.

Mutant Standard is made by a disabled queer person who doesn't have a stable income, so if you've enjoyed Mutant Standard emoji and have the money, consider kicking a few bucks this way:

➡️ paypal.me/mutantstandard
➡️ ko-fi.com/mutantstandard

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