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Maturity, after all, isn't about resisting temptation - it's about recognizing your own fallibility and taking measures to limit it. Exposing millions of customers to insider attacks on the obviously false belief that you will never hire the wrong person is unforgivable.


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Tonight I managed to setting up #Emacs to publish blog articles written in #orgmode on @write_as
Thanks to Writefreely.el !

The authentication token is encrypted using #GnuPG

I am going to enjoy the next article...!

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Nein, was Microsoft & Telekom aktuell Schulen anbieten ist kein
#Bildungspaket, sondern ein Kunden-Bindungspaket. Das ist Werbung.
Unser Bildungspaket verdient den Namen wirklich, hier geht es um echte
#DigitaleBildung: #twlz

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This is why I like the internet. Smart people with bright minds and great words

via @pluralistic

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"Thinking about a list of terms that tell you the speaker is almost certainly bullshitting."

Smart city
Surveillance capitalism

Big Data
Digital Transformation

the Spotify of the Netflix of.
Content is King
Neoliberalism ruined ...
Disrupting the industry
Mobility As a Service
4th Industrial Revolution
Sustainable, Equitable, Inclusive
Machine Learning
Customer first Customer centric Customer experience


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"Häufig bereut man, nicht nach dem >Warum< gefragt zu haben", sagt das Känguru, "aber ich glaube, noch häufiger bereut man, gefragt zu haben."

Die Känguru-Apokryphen

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Talk from about how u can use the firmware when you only got 4 MB ram

From the latest Github newsletter. You know what holidays are for, right?

"With the holidays coming up, you're probably wondering what you're going to do with all this free time! No need to worry, we've got some great suggestions for you. Even though you're on a break, there's no need to stop learning. Get up to speed with all things GitHub; build your own GitHub page or get started with GitHub Apps on Learning Lab. The best part: you don't even need to log out of GitHub!"

WTF?? No?

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Der Maschinenraum ist 20! Also je nachdem wie gezählt wird und was dazugehört. Ist aber auch unwichtig, Hauptsache es gab Kuchen. 🚀

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Did I ever tell you people about Bernd das Brot? It's a show that plays on the German KIKA TV network in the night when they have nothing to broadcast otherwise.

It's a show about the existential crisis of a depressed, sentient loaf of bread living in a blank white universe tormented by robotic arms and a creepy narrator. It's utterly brilliant.

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bush death adjacent, question 

Is there an API that tells you when a celebrity or politician dies

I wanna make a bot that posts "X claimed to be pro life and died anyway" whenever someone who's against abortions dies

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Listening to TesseracT - Altered State after a long break and it just blows me away how it blows everything else out of the water.

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