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Gente alguém daqui conhece pessoas trans em época de vestibular? Minha universidade tem cotas pra trans e seria muito legal se todas fossem preenchidas esse ano (ano passado sobrou vaga)

O nome da faculdade é UFABC (Universidade Federal do ABC) e fica na região metropolitana de São Paulo

Por favor divulguem caso conheçam alguém ou alguma comunidade

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The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android 🎉

#pixelfed #app #iOS #android

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⚠️PSA ⚠️

If you run an instance and updated to the latest commits today, please put the instance in maintenance mode until further notice.

More info to follow shortly.

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"When it first appeared in Old English, the word Cræft signified an indefinable sense of knowledge, wisdom, and resourcefulness. Rediscovering the meaning of Cræft connects us with our human past, our sense of place, and our remarkable capacity to survive the harshest of landscapes. Cræft helps us more fully appreciate human ingenuity and the passing on of traditions from generation to generation." -from the book Cræft, by Alexander Langlands.

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"Between The Worlds EP"

Master Lampé has come a long way, been traveling Between The Worlds, releasing on Soupherb and Phobos amongst other labels. His productions have hijacked many festival PAs last months, like Boom, Lost Theory or Wonderland and received massive support and feedback from DJs and dancers.
So we at Digital...


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#Mozilla, please don't do this. We don't want this. It might not be an "ad" but it makes you look bad nonetheless. Especially now given that #Firefox is the only non-Chromium browser out there, you need not alienate your user base.

Here's hoping this gets boosted enough. 😞


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I do believe that the media corrupts us in a way, causes us to see ourselves negatively.

If you do nothing else for yourself this year: stop hating yourself.

Growth comes when you care about yourself and your future.


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