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Guardian does not take prisoners on the article about the leaked dance video from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Langweilige Toots: ICE fahren macht Spass, ICE pünktlich, hin- und zurück, Ticket auf Telefon ohne Papier: null Probleme - Preis nur 20% über Flixbus, bei mindestens halber Fahrzeit.

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gefühlt am 2. schon genug Social Media für das ganze Jahr gelesen...

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lol, bitcoin-scams bei facebook mit bohlen, jauch😂 und becker 😂 :

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#Mozilla, please don't do this. We don't want this. It might not be an "ad" but it makes you look bad nonetheless. Especially now given that #Firefox is the only non-Chromium browser out there, you need not alienate your user base.

Here's hoping this gets boosted enough. 😞

just discovered @yunohost - if you are into self-hosting - cool stuff! @aleks

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Here is a map of all rogue wifi access points in Hall 2 at #35c3.
Most of them interfered with the official network. That's really not cool.


größter flop war für mich nico semsrott, bin da vielleicht youtube-versaut aber 1:1 programm abspulen fand ich schwach für congress, buch pullen war unnötig - no hate, aber heute show muss nicht beim 35c3 sein, da gibt es sicher besseres aus der community.

can't count the small things that just put a smile on everyones face - that guy shouting "birds are your friends" in the hallway, that flying carpet, that russian noise?-band that just fucking made me smile for 60 minutes. lötroulett. so much more... but also some bad stuf: lot's of stolen devices, "I'm here for the techno-lineup", drunk guy walks straight into the lake, and 20+ angels are running and searching... lot's of antifa flag discussions, some not so friendly...

was my 2nd congress. loved it. dropped a link to our assembly in irc and poeple showed up in person trying to setup bgp for dn42, we even got a beer. we made a lot of noob mistakes, but everyone was friendly. did 2 talks on smaller stages and got really nice feedback from the community. fediverse meetup was fun (but I was too late.. but I met @rixx and he's kind of famous as I learned :)

last but not least - without @aurora and the chaoszone team all of this wouldn't be possible. thanks

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An Tag 4 13:00 letztes #CCChoir-Singen für den #35C3! Wir treffen uns am Späti in der Glashalle. #refreshingmelodies

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