stupid self-own today:

[x] reading mail to root
[x] setting up to a mail on failed renewals
[x] tired&stupid and setting up a cert with different names (cert.cer instead of cert.pem like *all* other vhosts) and setting it up in apache
[x] changing it later to .pem for consistency
[ ] also change back the apache config from .cer to .pem

voila, no warning, the .pem is renewed without problems and apache is restarted but the .cer is not valid anymore after 90days

@slaveriq @Cheatha nö, lieber möglichst posix-subset + shellcheck und wenn es kritisch ist halt || exit - pipefail kann für viel "freude" sorgen:

it's even better now - 1.3gb with workers - but empty caches..

I switched the server back to cpython from pypy today - looks like either code not written for pypy or pypy self is the cause for unbounded memory growth - we don't have so many users and I can't really tell any difference when using it except believing pypy was slightly faster for joining rooms - but 3-4gb vs. 6,7,8, memory usage does matter ;) now on 2.8.3 - this fixes a bug that allowed to boost private posts.

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»Es gibt eigentlich nichts, was die Veranstalter nicht selbst umsetzen können.« – Siegfried Stang, bis 2015 Leiter der Polizei im Interview:
#fusionfestival #Fusionbleibt

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der @maschinenraum hat jetzt ein frisch gestrichenes klo mit diskokugel. endlich. 😁

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@frumble that's why Microsoft is so positive about Linux support: No, you don't need to run Linux on your device, just use Windows and write your embedded Code using Visual Studio and run your Linux-Based Dev environment in our Linux-Subsystem/Integrated VM.... the ugly thruth is still that device drivers are the problem and vendors are just assholes in that regard: problems in OpenWrt , Android, Linux-Desktop usage due to forked ancient Kernels and huge incomplete ancient GPL tarballs... :/

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Dieser Text ist so wichtig:
We Need to Save What Made Linux and FOSS Possible

»Embedded developers were what I called "purely technical...pre-Net, pre-UNIX and maybe even pre-cultural", with concerns that were "utterly practical". In other words, not about free software, open source or Linux—beyond its utilitarian value.«

@LydiaConwell I stopped reading politics there - I only look a few times a month for some tech related stuff or for current events - the tone is terrible - fascist / ring-wing people are the worst but some leftist bubbles are also too much for me. So I'll pretend it doesn't exist :)

@nipos it's repo the dev told me is the most current, it's also the repo where the commits are posted in the channel - but you are correct it's not the official one.

there is a matrix server written in modern c++17 based on boost::asio, boost::coroutines and boost::spirit for parsing using rocksdb as storage and it's quite modular designed and well documented in the source - totally awesome! - unfortunatly at the moment the master won't work correctly but they are on it!

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@nipos bekomme an die uni-mail teilweise richtig gut gemachte phishing mails, aber 90% ist noch mieser als im screenshot

I really should stop asking for support in chats - it's everytime the same - someone is eager to answer, I'll provide all the data and while doing so I realize where I made a stupid mistake :/

what is Atlassian smoking? There is a stupid critical bug in their hugely expensive Service-Desk offering that basically makes it impossible to use it for the task they advertise it and they just don't care - bug is known for 2 and a half months....

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