short update: not sure about the iowait explosion, but I managed to remove the ssd from the zfs pool and rebootet the machine just to be sure, I hope it's working reasonable well again until we can get the new server up&running at the end of january.

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so @maschinenraum has a facebook presence - so we are evil by definition for some parts of our bubble - who cares - what's more interesting: it's utterly useless through - nobody is going to read that longtext anyway (it's not just that particular article, ctr for articles and links is really bad) you are just screaming into the noise and be like yet another brand but you can't pay for a better position (do you even want to?) - can you imagine having this conversation in 98? ugly times.

visiting the outskirts of Prague, wow - totally different Architecture, lot's of socialist vibe, but it's surprisingly friendly and green designed

Can anyone crack this spam mail? it's not base64 from a first test - maybe it's just random garbage...

finally: machine run's fine with 2 active buildbots and iowait is not a problem, cgroups seem to work too.

if you don't have problems, try to use ZFS on proxmox - looking forward to wasting my night! 🤕

So Angela Merkel (and lot's of other important people) here in Weimar today, funniest story is through that our local autonomous youth centre (Gerberstraße - the oldest in east germany) were there today with a poster that read: "Thank you Merkel for the heating!

In the early 90ies (93?) Merkel visited a lot of german youth centres - she was social affairs minister at that time - and when visiting Weimar, she gave money for a new underfloor heating (or helped or whatever, who knows :)

unser mirror nach fefe-verlinkung (nur einer von 3-4 mirrors btw. ) 😂

Guardian does not take prisoners on the article about the leaked dance video from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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