still trying to cleanup our matrix server - found this nice issue: -1 joined members....

looks like purge room api locks important tables completly - I really need to learn to stop clicking on everything and especially I need to stop assuming that synapse is doing sane things... load decreased from 74 to 60 in the past hour... I'll won't touch it anymore today...

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ah well, purging 500 rooms at once in synapse with database on hdd....

while checking our room directory due to chance on our server I've stumbled upon some desperate attempt? to force a bugfix: someone created ton's of channels invited matrix developers? and took back the invite and that triggers that bug:

looks like it's fixed in the upcoming 1.17rc1 release so it kind of worked?

for one I think it's kind of funny on the other hand I'm kind of afraid to be some kind of open-relay for all kinds of abuses...

lol - ist just crazy - it's a distributed chat, goddmanit!1!

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#rant #matrix 

fuck this shit. fuck it. it's maybe a nice idea but for self-hosting it's just a fucking nightmare at the moment - get yourself a dedicated server with high-iops ssd and 128gb memory and you'll be probably fine if keep on running arbitrary cleanup db scripts - it's killing our server with huge iowait and it's "only" a 60gb db with 15gb indices... it's supposed a fucking distributed chat... and don't get me started on the utterly broken single-threaded node xmpp-bridge - fuck this!

short update: not sure about the iowait explosion, but I managed to remove the ssd from the zfs pool and rebootet the machine just to be sure, I hope it's working reasonable well again until we can get the new server up&running at the end of january.

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so @maschinenraum has a facebook presence - so we are evil by definition for some parts of our bubble - who cares - what's more interesting: it's utterly useless through - nobody is going to read that longtext anyway (it's not just that particular article, ctr for articles and links is really bad) you are just screaming into the noise and be like yet another brand but you can't pay for a better position (do you even want to?) - can you imagine having this conversation in 98? ugly times.

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