visiting the outskirts of Prague, wow - totally different Architecture, lot's of socialist vibe, but it's surprisingly friendly and green designed

Can anyone crack this spam mail? it's not base64 from a first test - maybe it's just random garbage...

finally: machine run's fine with 2 active buildbots and iowait is not a problem, cgroups seem to work too.

if you don't have problems, try to use ZFS on proxmox - looking forward to wasting my night! 🤕

So Angela Merkel (and lot's of other important people) here in Weimar today, funniest story is through that our local autonomous youth centre (Gerberstraße - the oldest in east germany) were there today with a poster that read: "Thank you Merkel for the heating!

In the early 90ies (93?) Merkel visited a lot of german youth centres - she was social affairs minister at that time - and when visiting Weimar, she gave money for a new underfloor heating (or helped or whatever, who knows :)

unser mirror nach fefe-verlinkung (nur einer von 3-4 mirrors btw. ) 😂

Guardian does not take prisoners on the article about the leaked dance video from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

ich fürchte meine pakete landen wirklich bald in /dev/null

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