So we lately got quite a few signups that are not outright spam but that are commercial advertising accounts - sometimes it looks like personal projects, sometimes these are accounts that advertise some sketchy stuff in their bio - I think about changing our rules and forbidding anything commercial here - non-profit orgs are fine, personal accounts are fine, pushing your patreon link or whatever once a while for your personal project is fine - but we won't offer an account for commercial stuff.

@LydiaConwell maybe the spambots have finally become sentient? 😮 or, more likely, someone with a "great business idea" 🙄

@mt Something commercial in the local timeline, lately? Or do you refer to account registrations only?

@bob @mt both. we're deleting a lot of stuff. sometimes it's blatant advertising on the timeline, sometimes it's new accounts that are plastered with links to dubious websites.
anyway, i already put "no ads for stupid stuff" in the rules right in the beginning, i figured that's enough. 😁

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