dear users, feel free to report strange stuff on the global timeline, I was not really looking at the global timeline and there is some strange stuff going on, we can silence or outright blacklist instances - however if somebody know of a better way to keep the neckbeard-porn stuff out of here feel free to contact me - some instances are silenced for now, for some I've blocked media - any hints how to get some control over that?

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@mt Other than manually? No... Ok, there's some blocklists out there as a starting point.

Sometimes when I'm overly annoyed, I go look at the timeline of the user who has shown up on my instance, to see what they have been boosting, and follow down the porn chain for some time to find new instances to deny media from (or silence, or block - depending on their policy and general timeline, if visible).

...and then I try to stop before losing too much of my faith in humanity.

@mt My blocklist has almost 150 instances by now (mostly of the deny media type), but unfortunately, the Mastodon admin UI for instance blocking is severely lacking.
No sorting, no search, no export, no notes, no information if a blocked instance is active or dead...

@galaxis ok, thanks for the input - looks like there's some work ahead of me :)

would be cool if instances could self-tag themselves as nfsw or something like that and you could filter based on that - some generic whitelist for images would probably also be nice - I'm not really interested in hosting certain content here at all.

Guess I'm taking a walk to the mastodon github in the next days.

@mt @galaxis
A missing feature seems to be "CW all images from this instance".
This would probably make it easier for admins to avoid overblocking.
And maybe there should even a "CW all toots" option as alternative to a full block.

@allo @mt Pinafore, an alternative Mastodon web frontend, has an "Always mark media as sensitive" option for the UI. The Mastodon web frontend doesn't (yet?).

Also, as an instance admin (even if I currently just run it for myself), I'd really like to avoid caching media that's objectionable on my own local storage.

@galaxis @mt
I mean an instance admin should have an alternative to "block images from instance", which is "mark images from instance as NSFW", because NSFW does not neccessrily mean illegal. E.g, some dedicated porn instances have rules to keep everything legal, but do not require users to mark media as sensitive.
And some instances demand much more CWs than others, so they could automatically CW toots from the rest of the network to keep their instance safe.

Blacklisting always seems challenging. Maybe a directory of whitelisted instances would help users fill their streams with less "weird stuff" possibly creating a better alternative to the federated timeline.

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