self DoS: fuck my life: - of course after running zpool upgrade -a because I'm an idiot. Any idea how to change the init on the initrd in the kernel cmdline? Or plan B) did anyover got booting from remote ipmi media working?

so there is break=init but looks like editing the cmdline via grub is not exactly possible over a serial connection - no cursor, no backspace... you had one fucking job grub! 😓

break=premount works - initramfs shell \o/ now I just need to figure out how to actually boot :)

@61 ah thanks, got it working just with curors but break=init is too late, now I hope break=premount helps me :)

@61 🚀 up and running again - copy&pasting that file with cat <<'EOF'>>zfs-functions in small piecies because at once it failed... now it seems to work...

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