was my 2nd congress. loved it. dropped a link to our assembly in irc and poeple showed up in person trying to setup bgp for dn42, we even got a beer. we made a lot of noob mistakes, but everyone was friendly. did 2 talks on smaller stages and got really nice feedback from the community. fediverse meetup was fun (but I was too late.. but I met @rixx and he's kind of famous as I learned :)

last but not least - without @aurora and the chaoszone team all of this wouldn't be possible. thanks

@mt It was cool to meet you, too! Great to hear that your Congress experience was positive

@rixx also, thanks for pushing our small mastdon instance! we really appreciate your support!

@mt let's follow up on the dn42 thing. I got some new insights. ;)

@stephrdev hi, I'll drop you a mail later today, sorry was busy the last days and not always at home. thanks for contacting me.

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