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any ideas what we might use this vending machine for? i have things to procrastinate upon, but no concept yet.

once upon a time it printed magnetic cards, but most of the tech for that is missing - right now it's just an empty shell with a power supply, coin validator & display.

Armut nicht nur bunter machen
Bafta Sarbo über die Realität des Rassismus, Hautfarben und bürgerliche Anti-Diskriminierungspolitik

ah well... safari does not supported vp9.... and the design doesn't transcode anything - so vp9 won't really work here because everyone is using safari... switched to h264 now...

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we have a video-chat server - not but multiparty-meeting with vp9 codec and turn-server - please test :) - should be more feature-rich and firefox works:

funked up east youtube channel is a gold mine - just stumbled upon this treasure: - helps to lift the mood on a shitty day, like today :)

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well, we are down a few days and lost the password and the recovery-mail address was also down - that didn't work so well - but now we are prepared :)

Sorry for the downtime, we are back - configuration fuckup and today someone had to plug an usb stick into the machine for recovery...

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hello world! this account will post status updates during maintenance or outages for services like and

the issue was there is no ipv6 connection to that host - we prefer ipv4 now in dns lookups

Show thread now on 3.1.4 - enjoy!

Are there problems following other people from this instance? I can't follow my new status account but I'm not sure where the problem is :/

follow / for status updates when we are doing maintenance or have outages.

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Talk about a control plane... US Air Force says upcoming B-21 stealth bomber will use • The Register

So pgbouncer seems to work with matrix synapse - good for more workers

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Wenn Fehler keine Folgen haben: Gravierende Missstände in der Behörde, ein „erhebliches Führungsproblem“ und Misshandlungsvorwürfe bei der Polizei

so back working - pg_restore took a while and using 8 parallel workers caused an oom and I had to restart and drop the db again with less workers - but it probably worked - some duplicate row issues that I had to fiddle out manually but everything should be up again and working.

our server is down - because pebkac fuckup from me - wrong collation + glibc update - - I need to dump and re-import 80gb and fix duplicate rows - sorry

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