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meine vorgestellte arbeit war ein hörspiel mit thema "trash scifi vs. bundestag":

more than enough social media drama, matrix chat drama, other kind of drama - I'll keep the shitposting machines running but I attempt to only look from some distance - all efforts just feel like a time-wasting burden that drains my energy more and more... maybe it's a good idea to get some distance back...

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weiß auch nicht ob alles beim ersten verdacht zu blocken und wegfiltern so die lösung ist...

Broke: centralised drama
Woke: federated drama

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Die Botschaft des Mordes an Walter #Lübcke ist: Seid vorsichtig, es geht um euer Leben. Gleichzeitig verlangen deutsche Konservative eine "erweiterte Toleranz nach rechts". Oh doch, das hängt zusammen, kommentiert


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Closes tab to finally start focusing on some work. Opens a new tab, types redd... GOD DAMN IT.

lol - subtle hint on the elastic stack landing-page - that elk needs psychotherapy and can't get elk stack ouf of his head (probably due to bugs, excessive ressource usage or useless complexity) -

Update: raised sidekiq concurrency and it's fine now.

broke - update your machines - we have for now only some mitigations active that hopefully are enough - we'll update&reboot the next days - infos here:

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We've just updated and rebooted to install a new kernel version fixing the currend CVEs. You could find more information over here:

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@teufelsweiblein Juliet‘s School of possibilities.
Und der Podcast von Laura Vanderkam: before breakfast
Unf*ck yourself von Gary John Bishop:
Podcasts: the 5am miracle
The productivity Show von Asian efficiency

just upgraded a windows 7 install to windows 10 and I really don't know why is windows 10 still allowed to to be used and sell in the EU considering GDPR - I've done the windows 10 privacy tools dance and it's not exactly simple and most users don't know or care about installing a third-party privacy tool

so writing to several abuse contacts was probably successful as the website now has a different hoster - but it's located in the seychelles it looks like it's specialized to host stupid stuff:

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Sollte #Luebcke tatsächlich von einem Rechtsextremen ermordet worden sein, muss der deutsche Staat pfefferscharf aufräumen in diesem Milieu. Aktuell sind über 500 #Rechtsextreme zur Fahndung ausgeschrieben und untergetaucht. Diese Gefahr wurde viel zu lange unterschätzt, und der auf einem Auge blinde Staatsschutz hat meist nur Linke und Islamisten im Visier. #Rechtsterror

3:21 AM (11 hours ago)
to me

Your request has received an update. Updated content follows:


We appreciate you contacting us about this abuse case. We have identified and notified the customer responsible, and will ensure a full resolution to this issue as swiftly as possible. We will reach out to you if any additional information is needed.

Thank you!

-- Complaint Response Team --

that womanarestupid site hosted at choopa that is reseller for vultr

that womenarestupid website ist hosted on - spamming the website and probably also the content is against their tos - I've send a report to their abuse form (-> contact) - maybe others can chime in - they are pretty clear on that:

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