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I have spent my life infatuated with the skill, science, and sorcery of . I am an school graduate, studied drawing a few old democratic art institutions and groups. I began my career as a graphic designer. I've practiced street photography, computer programming and prefer to play Go over Chess (pretty bad at both). I live off a small pond with my library card-carrying partner in crime, travel companion, and wife.

* Rehabilitated Apple user -> Ubuntu -> Fedora

...telling a trusted loved one or other advocate is a key thing to do.

A morning person but waking up with less energy the last week. Keeping note of it and likely going to switch things up the next few days.

Took all of 5 minutes to migrate my blog to Hugo using exitpWP

Stable version of Hugo and theme set. It's time to migrate from Wordpress:

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SO today's challenge was getting Fedora 29 DNF Hugo (0.37.1 (no really)), Bitbucket and Netlify to play nice together. ✔️

Tomorrow's challenge will be setting ox-hugo properly so I can write posts in Emacs org-mode

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Friendly note for creators.

What you can control:

1. What you practice
2. How much you practice
3. How you direct your energy
4. Your technique
5. Your expectations

What you can't control:

1. Results
2. Fame
3. Luck
4. Others
5. Ranking algorithms
6. Trends

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This is Icarus. The farthest away single star we've ever seen. It's a blue supergiant star, not a supernova or gamma ray burst or anything, just a star, seen from 9 𝘣𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘰𝘯 light years away.

We were only able to see it for a time because it was Gravitationally Lensed by passing directly behind another star and then magnified further by other galaxy clusters and dark matter. Spacetime acted like a telescope for this single star, magnifying about 2000 times.

Starting to migrate my blog to Hugo. Been simplifying and stripping down my WP blog to the point where I may as well use a static generator. At least I can write and edit posts wherever I want instead of a clunky CMS editor

I love coffee most on Sunday mornings so I can be alert and focused on doing absolutely nothing

Happy Love Yourself Day

I accept and love myself for who I am... sometimes. I try. I hope each of you try too

Library > Indy Book Shop > Chain Book Store > Amazon || Google

Used IndieBound to order the classic Rendering in Pen and Ink which I've checked out of the library twice.

The site connected me with an indy book store a few towns over. I was even able to choose paying when I picked up my order. The book store replied quickly with a confirmation and date pick up the book.


❄️ Snow day! ☃️ 🏂 ❄️

Uh... I'm an independent worker doing my thing from home 😑 😒

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We keep encouraging people to do what makes them happy, and it's making them miserable.

Finished Jaron Lanier's 12 Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. Mastodon by far is the closest thing right now to what Lanier argues we should be doing (in addition to our own websites)

Wonder if payphones will become a thing again in rejection of life sucking smartphones

Drawing oyster mushrooms on a Friday evening specifically to cleanse the remaining bad taste from last Saturday's portrait drawing event

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So Angela Merkel (and lot's of other important people) here in Weimar today, funniest story is through that our local autonomous youth centre (Gerberstraße - the oldest in east germany) were there today with a poster that read: "Thank you Merkel for the heating!

In the early 90ies (93?) Merkel visited a lot of german youth centres - she was social affairs minister at that time - and when visiting Weimar, she gave money for a new underfloor heating (or helped or whatever, who knows :)

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