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I have spent my life infatuated with the skill, science, and sorcery of . I am an school graduate, studied drawing a few old democratic art institutions and groups. I began my career as a graphic designer. I've practiced street photography, computer programming and prefer to play Go over Chess (pretty bad at both). I live off a small pond with my library card-carrying partner in crime, travel companion, and wife.

* Rehabilitated Apple user -> Ubuntu -> Fedora

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Guys: “Well you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, it’s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.”

Also guys: “Elon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, he’s such a genius, I love him.”

I love sharpening my HBs into long hypodermic graphite needles until they break and I throw embarrassing tantrums in public

Putting together notes on gouache painting using a series of skull studies to serve as examples. Focusing on practices that I have not seen covered in painting with gouache (like don't ruin your brushes to mix paints). Will share sometime in the next week.

Finding good resources on gouache painting and only gouache painting is difficult. It is often mentioned as a compliment to watercolour. That does this versatile medium injustice and misinforms artists.

Painting with gouache in every way it offers has been a rewarding joy to learn. By itself or as part of a mixed-media tool set, I don't understand how it has become an occasional side kick to watercolour

Picked up Arches cold pressed watercolor blocks (for gouache painting) at $10 less than listed on Amazon.

Makes me happy when everyone is rewarded for not buying from Amazon

Too bad this article is a cursory look at overthinking, skimming over the societal effects. Overthinking as a symptom of mental illness isn't even mentioned.

Disasembled my TWSBI fountain pen to reset a loose nib from extended use. Decided to go ahead clean every part and lubricate the piston. A lot of pen for <$30

My head is as overcast as the day. Still waiting on the coffee to take effect. Good morning Fediverse

Last week I reacquainted myself with dip pen nibs. Last night I started this postcard for a Game of Thrones fan to send ahead of the final season premier.

Fountain pens certainly help with the transition but there is still an upward adjustment to draughtsmanship skills that needs to be made.

Thinking of converting a ~20 year old mountain bike into a fixed gear. Seems cost would be at 25% under a cheap fixed gear. I also don't like throwing things away. Perhaps I'd invest in a respray of the old Jamis mountain bike frame but it's in good shape.

Began visiting nurseries for our container garden. No luck on black dragon coleus just yet but was told to check back in a week.

I don't know why I torture myself with even 5 minutes of news each day; especially in the morning. I've had this idea of limiting my news consumption to checking a weekly magazine (e.g.; New Yorker, Atlantic) once each week at the library.

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I helped building this! It's three nested cubes, each of them turning independently at variable speeds. The innermost cube has 12 different glass panels and prisms that also turn independently. And in the middle there's a 12kW light. It looks really beautiful at night. (1/2)

I've realized a few things about my work days:
1. Mornings, I'm better at absorbing something hard (math, perspective)
2. Afternoons, I'm better at writing
3. Evenings, my drawing and painting is stronger
4. Nights are good for coding

I'm going to be the summer ESL instructor at my local public library. This started as a volunteer English conversation partner for one, then two ESL students. Not something I ever expected to do but find it rewarding.

Good [UTC 12:29]!
Planning a container garden for our balcony. Thinking of Hellebore, Variegated Coleus and Golden Creeping Jenny. All assuming the heights of each don't clash.

It will be my first container garden (well, first garden really). I'm excited. Little things and all that 😊

Broke down and ordered a dip pen with a few nibs. I've been enjoying drawing with fountain pens and brush so much it seemed like a natural progression. I haven't drawn with a dip pen since first year of art school.

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