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I have spent my life infatuated with the skill, science, and sorcery of . I am an school graduate, studied drawing a few old democratic art institutions and groups. I began my career as a graphic designer. I've practiced street photography, computer programming and prefer to play Go over Chess (pretty bad at both). I live off a small pond with my library card-carrying partner in crime, travel companion, and wife.

* Rehabilitated Apple user -> Ubuntu -> Fedora

Focusing on hands this week. We have a model who has hands that have laboured over a lifetime. Crooked and gnarled, testing anatomical knowledge.

Logged onto deviantArt after a - long - time. Good to see they have switched to pronoun designation

Great thing about pencils is when they break you shrug and sharpen. They're easily replaced and don't cause a lot of stress if you lose them

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Contacted TWSBI for one last attempt to fix the issue. They're now completely unusable 😞
Could anyone please recommended alternatives for TWSBI ECOs, good for drawing and writing daily?

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On the first day of summer I bid a long goodnight to my TWSBI ECOs after 6+ months of journal and sketchbook entries. Nibs have come loose at least 3x having to re-seat them in the feeder.

Went into a bad down swing and still trying to recover. Sometimes you do everything right: medication, meditation, exercise and journal but these swings can still happen. Less often but... yeah it sucks

Friday life drawing session. No matter how long the pose, I always seem to erase my way back to those first 10-20 minutes 🙃

10 minute life drawing sets. Thinking of putting these together with notes each day and posting as something more comprehensive

My partner and I exchanged early anniversary gifts 🤓

Luis Roca
‏ @lu15r0ca

Supply run! Smooth and creamy watercolor pencils. I've come to love these for all kinds of sketching. They're lovely to use for gestures and short poses as well.

All the knowledge and skill are nothing without confidence. Not delusions but solid, evidence and peer reviewed confidence. The kind that no matter how hard we try, it can not be denied.

My instructor at the Art Students League is a walking database on anatomy. While our main focus this summer is on composition, he indulged my request to explain structure of mid-thigh through the calf. First photo is his 5 minute clinic. Second was my next drawing from the seated model.

When you're struggling with making art - stay in your seat and keep working. It's one of the best ways to level up, learn about yourself and respecting your craft.

I'm having a tough time with a model who has a long scraggly beard that goes down past his chest. So far I address the beard directly but I'm losing structure and proportion from the rest of the body.

So my question:
How do artists approach long beards in life drawing sessions?

One of the hardest drawing exercises is taking a life drawing and laying in the bones, muscles. afterwards. I also think it's the best way to nail down the knowledge

I started The Expanse series and am currently waiting for a request at my library to come through for the next instalment.

In the meantime I'm going to begin this beautiful manga that's been sitting on my night stand for too long.

My partner is currently in a cast with a ruptured achilles. We cancelled our trip to Montreal next week.

I was saving a hardbound watercolour sketchbook for the trip to draw and paint in-between long, aimless walks through the city.

Now I am looking for this sketchbooks new purpose. The good news? I get to start painting in it sooner

US Politics; Letter to Representative 

As a representative considered measured, aiming for bipartisanship and achieving goals for all Americans, I believe your voice would be uniquely influential. I ask you to speak with your closest colleagues from both parties and call on them to publicly demand impeachment hearings.

Thank you for your service to the Fifth district and our Country,


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US Politics; Letter to Representative 

I have considered arguments that it is up to the citizenry to vote him out of office in the next election. I believe this is a dangerous and destructive suggestion. If we can not dependably rely of our Constitution, designed to protect our democratic republic from the feared situation we find ourselves in now, then this surpasses a constitutional crisis. We risk irreparable damage to a free democracy.

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