eye contact 

hi i'm back. u r required to look at this image of me. ok bye

every morning lately i have had to us rust remover on my skin :( good thing it's organic i guess

just found out that zoom isn't hippa compliant 😳 help

this episode of @hahayeahpod is such a good remake of Despicable Me 🌔

i didn't sleep last night, i couldn't stop thinking about animal crossing

@avalos@cybre.space oh thank you!!! haha adhd gang

@selontheweb @hyperlink @hahayeahpod ty!! lol coincidentally i am listening to your podcast right now

i'm spamming the local timeline. sorry i will take a break

ok. (she says, still speaking to the void)
here's something GOOD that happened today. I got a letter in the mail and it told me that I got a 32 on the ACT!!!!!! my parents called me a nerd but in an endearing way

WHY AM I TYPING LIKE THAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE ARTICULATE i guess my brain came up with a brand new persona!!!!!

i was inspired by @hahayeahpod to get an account :) they are one of my favorite podcasts they are very very good haha

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