Snow yesterday, icy roads today. Sons’ classes cancelled, spouse and daughter working from home... I’m making more weathergrams...

It’s quiet here right now, come sit for a while.

Union Station, Seattle
Yashica Mat TLR
Kodak Ektar 100

Deco details - Seattle Tower, formerly known as the Northern Life Tower.
Fujifilm XT1

intense hue 

(Re-post and edited to add CW)

Patti, grande jeté.

Red Hall, Seattle Public Library
Fujifilm XT1

As I live far away from many of the people who contribute to this instance and I’ve very much enjoyed seeing photos of personal geographies (by aurora and frank, in particular) I’d like to start sharing a few scenes from the city I call home. Here goes... :-)

King Street Station, Seattle
Fujufilm XT1

my feelings exactly...

“Respect the sheep,” painting by Shaun Tan. (Image- page 137, Tales From the Inner City.)

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