If you're enthusiastic about it like me and you would like to support the FreeCAD improvements of RealThunder: He and OficineRobotica have patreon pages, where you can donate to them, to make it easier to spend time for the developement and marketing of FreeCAD



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The OficineRobotica Channel provides a lot of videos giving insights to the new functions and features of the RealThunder branch. For example how to tweak the UserInterface or how to work with assemblies.


To me they seem like an OpenSource dream-team: One for the developement, increadibly pushing the boundaries of the software, and the other one as a bridge to the users, providing information for an easy access to people, interested to work with it. Awesome!!! =)

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Here you can download the FreeCAD LinkBranch. It’s definitively worth to have a closer look, if you’re interested in parametric volume modeling:

The current stable release of @FreeCAD can be downloaded here:

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I'm observing the FreeCAD LinkBanch for a while now. So crazy, how RealThunder is pushing the program! It feels like he just blows all UI-limitations away and makes FreeCAD incredibly sexy and user-friendly! While I love to work with FreeCAD in general, this branch makes me feel like working with some artifact of the future. Thank you so much! to RealThunder and all others involved!!!

This video from FOSDEM’22 gives a nice insight to the development:

This weekend @maschinenraum hosts the , the wireless community weekend, an unconference about Freifunk and free, decentralized community driven networks.


I'm a real network-noob, with my practical interests more in other fields, hardly understanding, what they're talking about. So far my impression is, that it's a very heartful atmosphere, with super friendly , who know a lot about how to make big tasty barbecues =P

After a pause of 2 years, the amazing soapbox-race of Weimar "SpaceKid HeadCup" yesterday finally took place again. So much fun to build the carts! So much fun to watch! So much fun to race, encouraged by a cheering crowd! BD

eine mitarbeiterin hatte bei uns an der uni gestern probleme, weil bei ihrer PDF in transparenzen nicht richtig dargestellt wurden. kann das an falsch gewählten pdf-einstellungen beim export liegen? unter den empfehlungen zu präsentationen hab ich nur gefunden, dass die nicht größer als 30mb und nicht mehr als 150 seiten haben sollten. außerdem dass bei gescannten PDFs Layer probleme machen können.

Weiß wer zufällig ob es irgendwo nen Leitfaden zu PDFs für BBB gibt?

weiß wer, ob zoom mittlerweilse dsgvo-konform an unis verwendet werden darf? wir haben heute abschluss-verteidigungen und da es probleme mit BBB gab, sind die zu zoom gewechselt. mein letzter kenntnisstand beruht auf einer einschätzung des berliner datenschutzbeauftragten zu video-konferenzsystemen, da war zoom noch mit einer roten ampel gekennzeichnet (ist aber auch schon ein bisschen her)

toot gerne boosten! :)

hat mir eben L4meo geschickt: proScience von der Technischen Uni Berlin suchen Dozent·innen für Inkscape und Scribus =)


The intention was first of all, of course providing laptops for children and teenagers, desperately looking for a solution to the problem, that they couldn't afford access to their right to learn during the pandemic.

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While there are some obvious and some less obvious advantages of software under free license, we also want to talk about concerns, e.g. to compatibility and cooperation in the proprietary software dominated field of the creative disciplines.
Feel very much invited to join, listen and discuss with us!!! =)

Time: February 4, 2022, 10:00 am Central Europen Time
Link: meeting.uni-weimar.de/b/dan-en


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Dear Fediverse, since my class at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar will come to its end this Friday, we will host an open online discussion about the potential of in professional art and design. During the semester, the students got familiar in working with programs like Krita, Inkscape, Blender, Darktable, FreeCAD etc. …

@Krita @inkscape @Blender @FreeCAD @darktable


Die Dienste von bau-ha.us scheinen langsam wieder online zu gehen =D

1000 Dank an unsere Administrator·innen!!! x*

Already there are a few applicants. Yesterday I had a @bigbluebutton conference with some of them. They seem to be very interested in learning alternatives to products of Adobe, Autodesk, etc B)

First lesson will be on October 22nd. I'm looking so much forward to it!!!

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Since this week my course about using in & is online in the course catalogue of Bauhaus-Universität-Weimar:

(click the 🇬🇧 flag on the top right to see the English version)

Thank you so much for contributing your feedback, thoughts and suggestions! x*

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Since, beside @Blender, there is no progressive use of at our faculty yet, at the end of the semester, this group could have emerged to a local pool of experts in using for and . :)

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I actually don’t know yet, how many sessions we altogether will have. I could imagine, to mainly go on with former structure: As a the students should dig their selves more and more into their favorite and under , and in class we see their results, discuss ways and workflows and care as a group about the issues that come along.

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At that point we would already be going to have “specialists” on different kinds of and at at least advanced beginner level.
And we created a wide knowledge in class about getting over tricky points in the use of specific programs. Further we learned general (and maybe started to develop art and design specific) approaches to master free software.

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4th session will be just like the 3rd: Short presentations of the students’ progress in learning and creating, maybe some discussion, and then collaboratively finding solutions for difficulties that occurred to them.
My wish is, that with this double-session, the group starts to get dragged into communities. In my eyes this is most important to get empowered optimally by the use of .

I would be grateful, if you have suggestions for me how to enhance that!? =)

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3rd :
1) Go on with with getting into for your purposes/you’re interested in! Use tutorials, documentations, consult others or me, explore your own way!
2) Provide the results of your processes in the cloud and again prepare a small presentation with your won insights!

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