Thank you so much! to the many supporters of the project! <3 <3 <3

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To maximize the accessability to our , it was most important to us, that the condition to get a laptop was simply, to be a pupil in need of a laptop (or to know one to convey the device). No birocrazy, no questioning, just an appointment with a 10-20min introduction to the system and a new laptop-owner was born.

Devices considered to be worthless and the small town helping mentality of our supporters ensured us a widely abuseless free operating context, based on trust. =*

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Further luckily, was prohibited, from being junked, or stored uncared for – often considered outdated (or otherwise not worth to use anymore) – until they acctually are. 🌱 🌱 🌱

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To make things easy for the kids, we provide a support-service for problems (eg to connect printers, that need special drivers or to install certain games, etc.).

The feedback was extremely positive from all sides.
To me, the kids' and teenagers' bright eyes, when they got their "new" laptops, was deeply touching. Special moments I will never forget =)

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As a political space, Maschinenraum is happy, that these 50+ children further advanced in their by getting used to the ease (and difficulties) of free software. That will a) show the potential of free software & b) enable these poor families‘ kids of the information age, to participate without having to pay tributes to software companies. BD

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The intention was first of all, of course providing laptops for children and teenagers, desperately looking for a solution to the problem, that they couldn't afford access to their right to learn during the pandemic.

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Since beginning of last year, surely more than 50 laptops were handed out to pupils and not one cent was spent for the project. We only processed donated hardware and it was all done by a few Maschinenraum people in their free time in our workshop.

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At the weekend I finished the last load of @maschinenraum .
Comparable to and @computertruhe "Maschinenraum hackt Bildungsungerechtigkeit" was a project, to collect old laptops with the aim of forwarding them to poor pupils of Weimar, who cannot afford computers for home-schooling. If necessary we repaired and if possible we upgraded them. An all round maintaining service was applied and we installed a system, customized to the needs of our "clients". =)

behördenversagen, diskriminierung, folter 

Auswärtiges Amt outet Homosexuellen in Nigeria bei Überprüfung seines Asylanspruchs.

Da fällt mir ein trauriger Witz zu ein. Er beginnt mit: "Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland | Art 1 (1) Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar. Sie zu achten und zu schützen ist Verpflichtung aller staatlichen Gewalt. …"

In an accepted, first proposal for estimated expenses, my boss enshrined, that – as long as good and powerful alternatives under a free license are available – money should rather be spent on service and support of Software than licenses for proprietary products – sounds like a fair start to me! =)

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This time the topic is »Lernraum.Bauhaus«: A multimedia-room at my university, equipped with technology (an advanced sound system, big screen, cameras, microphones, etc.) for "hybrid online meetings".
It is ment to give space for experiments with collaboration of digitaly and physically present participants in lesson.
So eg in a project plenum of a design class the professor and some students are present in the room, while some other students and an external guest patricipate online.

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I have a research job for the computer center of our university, that is quite appealing to me:

I have to gather information about candidates for programs and services, our uni is planing to implement, to make sure, that in the evaluation process alternatives with licence aren‘t forgotten. =D

Darüber hinaus ist sie mit der Funktionsweise und der Entwicklung von @inkscape sehr vertraut, weiß bei Problemen (zumindest bei mir bisher) immer Rat und kann bei Fragen weitreichende Einblicke geben

Auf ihrem Blog finden sich noch weitere spannende Projekte von @Moini:

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Von @Moini habe ich @inkscape sehr schnell lernen können. Sie ist eine großartige Lehrerin und hat wunderbar spielerische Lektionen entwickelt, mit denen sich das Programm, insbesondere unter ihrer Anleitung :), genüsslich erlernen lässt!

Die Lektionen zu Inkscape finden sich hier: =)

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Liebe Grüße an Moini! Sie hat zuvor, ebenfalls in einem Live-Stream, die neue Version von #Inkscape vorgestellt. Menschen mit Interesse an einem faszinierenden und äußerst potenten Open Source-Programm zur Bearbeitung von Vektor-Grafiken, kann ich dieses Video sehr ans Herz legen! YouTube-Link 

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Gestern durfte ich meine Masterarbeit "Sources of Freedom" bei Linux Guides vorstellen. Das hat Spaß gemacht und es ist ein tolles Video entstanden, in dem mir Hauke und Jean Raum boten, ein paar meiner Gedanken und Ideen zu einer nachaltigeren #Digitalisierung vorzustellen. Vielen Dank euch beiden! x* YouTube-Link 

@imke ich hab hier aufdem rechner nur nen altes scribus 1.4.6 und da funktioniert das mit text im nachhinein wieder dem style zuweisen auch über die box (video). kein plan! ich könnte schwren auch da hat das nicht immer problemlos funktioniert. hast du mal gekuckt, ob's in bezug auf die style-zuweisungen'n bug-report gibt?
bzw ist das im video auch das was du machen möchtest/hab ich dich überhaupt richtig verstanden? x)

I once read a studie from a Hackspace, i guess located in Frankonia (Nürnberg or so), that showed the differences in how long hardware can be used depending on the installed operating system. I remember that one of the results was, that with linux hardware is operable up to 10 years longer compared to other operating systems.

Unfortunately I cannot find the link anymore and search engines don't find it either. Does anyone here know the study? And if so, could you please send me the link!? =)

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