At the first sound of fireworks in the distance, my big cat runs and hides under my desk, while my little cat runs to the window to watch.

Currently sitting in the mill building in the distance with the domed tower. Photo is from 1866.

30 second break from politics. (Old footage, from when my HUGE cat was a tiny little hyper thing. Also, this CM5 cabinet was a prop in the original Jurassic Park.)

I usually don't save tickets, but these two were special. Bowie, 1987 & The Locust / Lightning Bolt / Arab on Radar, 2002.

When a "time traveler" showed up at the physics department of the local university, my friend who works there directed him to the engineering department.

Most common thoughts while cooking:

1. Mmmmm this is going to be great.

2. Shit, wish I had [missing ingredient].

3. Damn, this would look good in black & white with severe lighting.

Often I will duplicate functionality of a command between the command line, wm key-combo, sms command, and physical switch. Then I wait a few months and see which interface I actually use in practice.

These are the switches for rsyncing the three websites I run:

Airline reservations was the first large-scale realtime commercial application of computers. Reading about the index-card based system they used previously, I ran across this. BINOCULARS! Seems very... Brazil.

"Each office had a board of future flights that consisted of a single hole representing a flight; when the flight reached 75% a large peg was inserted that the booking agents could see, sometimes using binoculars."

Reading about the development of X.25 / Tymnet in the 70s and saw this. A router installed at a remote location crashed, and to fix it they had them mail the (non-volatile magnetic core) memory boards back to the office.

"We loaded an extra core bank with the code for New Orleans and mailed it there in a shoe box. Upon the next crash they swapped core and mailed the core module with the crash state back to Cupertino. We found the bug."


Packard Bell Trice, digital integrating computer. A digital computer that you program like an analog computer. Late 50s. Very weird.

We scanned some Trice docs from our museum library:

When i see one of the cats hiding in a box and I say "What are you DOOOOING, kitty-cat???", they understand that I'm asking about the big picture: their hopes and dreams for the future.

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