My younger Salome likes to climb out on a beam, and then chase her tail.

When anyone asks how to pronounce my older cat's name (Kobaïa), I just point them to this video:

As a little kid in the late 70s, this was my introduction to computers. I never actually programmed in , but this taught me variables, arrays, int vs float, conditionals, loops, etc.

Thinking about that time a decade ago when there was briefly a in my place...

Bánh tét from my fave Cambodian market & Vietnamese coffee. Fantastic.

In 2015 I made a feature-length experimental film about the insect creation myth, as told by insects. You can see some clips and download it here:

A slice of lime, and the setup I used. I built a user interface box to control the industrial camera.

I do a lot of photography for a computer museum in the US. This is core memory from a PDP-10. The system has six cabinets of core!

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