Nutzt du Geduld in jedem Schritt, versetzt dir die Mathe keinen Tritt. (Hängt seit einer kreativen Mathelernphase an meiner Pinnwand) 🙃

First, I didn't get why the GPS-Tracks in openstreetmap where colored, but then I saw this beauty: it's encoded directinon information. <3

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Motivated from Easterhegg I asked myself the question, why don't I do more? I realized my perfectionalism prevents me from getting shit done. But there are so many cool things to do; they don't have to be perfect! They don't have to work all the time. And I shouldn't be so afraid to fry some parts every once in a while. #eh19

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Wirklich sehr wenige Studenten bei . Die fühlen sich wohl irgendwie unbeteiligt. Sehr schade.

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Someone just dropped this in an IRC channel that I lurk:


Logic gates made with ropes, pulleys and weights! Super neat!

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fossil fuel funded politicians are talking from a sedimentary position

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Brexit breakdown: "... back on the road, sampling a very English mixture of frustration, boredom and seething anger."


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@linuzifer Es besteht kein grund zur veranlassung, bitly mit persönlichen daten zu füttern.

Fight the bloatware!

Software disenchantment von Nikita Prokopov in den Shownotes vom Datenkanal gefunden.


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Happy new year to all the #FreeSoftware supporters out there! Let's work all together to make 2019 a awesome year for software freedom!

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Imagine DevOps

DevOps song, with apologies to John Lennon's Imagine. Follow me on twitter.com/dlutzy Lyrics by a rogue shell script Video by twitter.com/lucyb...


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