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[ACPS 1025]
"either long either cold to raise own nightmares in curious anger"

01. REMETEMEN - Hopeless 09:04
02. MRS DINK - Circumstantiality 09:04
03. EISENLAGER - Native Processing 08:11
04. ESCAPED TREES - Chthonic Romance 06:24
05. XFnX - Elephant Speech 08:36

cover art by Claus...

Number Eleven
"Drinkble Coolant"

Sticky and cold silicone sealants, spades and screwdrivers allow you to forget the crippling life threatening drama of Strict, Event and Resistance. Another pile-up of sand which was...

Æther State
"Immaterial / Half Life / Regress "

released March 19, 2019

Art: Matthew Smith (
and Construct (

Mastering Engineer: Saif Bari...

Gabriele Ragonesi
"Dark Passenger"

The wonderful comeback of Gabriele Ragonesi for Florence, one of the most interesting musician out there. His first opus with In Your Ears , was one of the most downloaded in our history.
This work is amazing, plenty of music form prog to rock, from post rock to jazz. Gabriele plays every...

The Caretaker
"Everywhere, an empty bliss "


Work on 'Everywhere, at the end of time' was all consuming
as you can imagine. All work and no play, all work and no play.

In celebration of its completion and only for a limited time*
here is a surprise golden farewell.


z(xW+yW) is a solo project of Kecap Tuyul started spring 2018 while experimenting different ways to generate low volume feedback with small gear : for instance with one contact microphone and one 1W battery-powered amplifier. It was initially thought as lo-fi version of the "Failure Circle" project work with chaotic...

"DEN - Daily Galaxies EP"

Very interesting, inspiring alternative-chillout music. As the artist - Denis says: "Sometimes the sound can convey much more than the words said". So let's just listen!

Go Ask Alice
"Go Ask Alice - Ten little dreams (and one bonus nightmare)"

Humankind has always looked to the stars as its own destiny. For this reason, indefatigable and willful, it has always climbed the highest peaks to get as close as possible. It knows that this is impossible, but it has...


Broken, glitchy, dynamic, rhythmic, somewhere chaotic sounds combined with catchy techno genetic emotional melodies. This is only one subjective way to describe this new album, where Csum uses his own experimental music language to tell fantastic abstract musical stories. Hit "play" if want to cheer up....

Donnie Ozone
"Rap Style (The Cheese N Pot-C Remixes)"

In November of last year, Donnie Ozone dropped his uniDrop release “Rap Style”… one of his dopest joints yet. The pure fire of it grabbed Cheese N Pot-C and inspired them to give it the CNP maxBloc treatment!

What we have for you today are four incredible remixes that take the...


tevin + ghost = thost

took a few poems and spit to produce this thing. this audiobook will help you perfect your inner child “there’s a ghost in my room hiding my shoes.”

Yacht Communism
"Discovery EP"

Written by Yacht Communism, except Like Weeds written by His Hero is Gone

Recorded and mixed by Andreas Sommer
Mastered by Role at Die Tonmeisterei

Artwork and layout by Kristof Künssler

[ACP 1189]
Sofia Bertomeu Hojberg & EMERGE
"live @ re​​:​​flexions sound​​-​​art festival"

live @ abraxas, Augsburg, 20.07.18
thanks to Gerald Fiebig & Kulturamt Augsburg
photography by Dan Penschuck
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE...

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