Thousand Yard Prayer
"Persian Swords "

You are more than welcome to download this album without paying anything and also share it. However, we appreciate any amount you are able to pay. Music has value.

Mikk Rebane

Say Hello to synth electronica artist Mikk Rebane from Tallinn, Estonia,
presenting his newest album here at Phonocake.

His music is softly depressing and mildly pushing at the same time,
kind of an athletic and powerful melancholy.
An electrifying poetic view on life.

"Random Motion Of Particles"

Sai, the dedicated studio project of Yasen Penchev, has been evolving a lot throughout the years, including since his debut album "Perspective seen from different point of view" was released in the summer of 2016, but the core of the project remains in experimentation with analogue and digital...


Produced and recorded between 2008 and 2019, "II" is Himalayha's latest EP. A result of a simple and direct production. Himalayha's music does not escape its cinematic essence, using piano, strings, minimal electronic and field recordings captured from various environments.

[ACP 1214]
"(ado​)​r​(​able) (mure​)​mur"

The project has existed since 2014. Located in Moscow, Russia.
Concerning the name of the project: in Spanish, “que” means “what” or “what,” so the name can be considered as the question “what to fear?”. In Russian, the word pronounced "kefir" (or “kephir” - a fermented milk...

Failure Circle
"Melting Clinamen"

"Melting Clinamen" was born from a small deviation from the methodology used by Failure Circle in this serie of compositions Frozen Clinamen that normally uses only sounds recorded while no human intervention is applied to the used set-up ( no-input mixer most of the time). The creation of the...

Das All

New Abstract Techno EP on New Jersey's netlabel sub65. Six tracks from the Swiss underground experimental duo Das All. The first track "Don't Fuck With Das All" is an edit of an exclusive contribution to the...

[s65024 ]
"I Said, Emotional Content. (EP) "

'Boss, we sent your entire crew in to reach his heart. We kept pulling up salt. Lots and lots of salt.'

I Said, Emotional Content. (EP) by Hypocranusesent is now available on sub65 media!

Origami Repetika

I made this song using renoise, a telecaster, a 20 dollar orange condenser mic, and effect vstis

I'm wearing my Astrobrite influence on my sleeve for this one. Very shoegaze


“The longing for (inner) silence leads the/our being(s) to take the(ir) sound to the outside, exposing it/them as a natural/peculiar/idiosyncratic happening.

This sound is also influenced by collective unconscious –...

[ACP 1212]
Prinzip Nemesis
"im Extrasalon"

This performance of Prinzip Nemesis in 2016 was part of the 7@7-exhibition by EXTRASALON at Werkstattgalerie Krüggling (Augsburg)


[Macaque Records 005]
Gilman Mom
"A Trilogy of Perspective"

Gilman Mom has compiled their three albums into a single release, A Trilogy of Perspective. Meant to showcase growth, the collection...

origami repetika
"sending all the balloons"

in a bathing suit | on an island far away | i see hot air balloons | and they're headed our way | yeah i know it's you | you're sending all the balloons | i'd like to know why i see battle balloons | i need to know why you're sending in your battle balloons to me...

"Black Diamonds EP"

This 3 track EP from Osiris4 is nothing short of mountain-moving. It contains cutting-edge sound design, unrelenting atmospheres and rich, organic textures that will have your eyes closed, drawing you in deeper and deeper. Between the tracks you’ll find lush, dreamy pads, massive synths and melancholic melodic progressions...

Various Artists
"Partscaster Parade Compilation"

Another guitar project from Bonimedia. Partscasters in action. From blues to metal. From Jay Turser to Fender.

Roots Masashi
"Namah Shivaya"

Roots Masashi is a Roots Rock / New Roots composer from Osaka, Japan. He drew his inspiration from friends in high school and fell in love with conscious reggae music. He was fascinated by Osaka’s dub scene, especially after meeting the “Dub I Roots crew” and “Rebel Culture” in 2012 and soon after, he started building...

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