From Igloo Mag:

“Weldroid (aka Tamás Zsiros) returns with Regenerative for Kahvi Collective, and this new album is a multifaceted foray of chilled electronics that spans through ambient, synthesizer, and abstract IDM fissures. ..."

“Trois Prises”


z(xW+yV) is a solo project of Kecap Tuyul started spring 2018 while experimenting different ways to generate low volume feedback with small gear. After some tries with one contact microphone and one 1W battery-powered amplifier he developped a modular system on this basis, in order to generate not only feedback, but also feedback of ...

Michael Valentine West
“Discrete Objects”


The album “Discrete Objects” was conceived whilst observing geometry in nature and trying to make a connection between it, neuroscience and abstract physics theories. This led to the question; could using a series of ‘discrete objects’ intentionally cause a cognitive change in the listener?

Pete Lund
“Barely Nearly EP”


The last we heard from Pete Lund was in February 2016 when we released his terrific uniBloc single “Subway Cameo”. Well, as you may already know, Pete takes his time to craft incredible music. When he finally does release something, you know it’s going to be worth the wait. Well, today, your wait is over!



Corruttela is an Italian side-project rising from the artistic connection of Emiliano Pietrini (Globoscuro) + Edoardo Pistolesi Somigli (Edø Pistø Sømi) with the aim of exploring new sound potentialities through a 4-hands compositional approach in which ....

mar io
"listen to my heart"


What sticks out while listening to the Listen to my heart EP is the fact that ist creator Mar io has been in the business for a long time and has mastered the skill of combining a range of influences and styles into very atmospheric tunes. After his previous vinyl EP on the Cologne-based label Form & Terra, these se ....

Ölü Körpe
"Vol. 4 - Great Migration"


Since Ölü Körpe was released their 'Saudade' music video (bit.ly/SaudadeOluKorpe) in January, I feels it might be similiar with his first album with full of guitar ambient. But, last week, when I was checking my email, suddenly I found that Lutfi-man behind Ölü Körpe- sent me his new album called, Great M

Mitaka Sound


Producer : コバルト爆弾αΩ
Artwork : NC帝國
Mastering Enginner : Tatsuya Shiozawa
Contract Designer : BlockBase, Inc.
Executive Producer : tomad

"Adventurine EP"


We proudly present the phonocake debut of Fondella, serving a true adventure in
beauty of sound, kind of a soundtrack of a yet to be released indie game. Put on
your headphones and explore yours and Fondella's world in a slow paced enjoyable time frame. These moments are yours, accompanied by Fondella's tunes....

Enkō and Inversus
"Murmur EP"


Enkō and Inversus is a mixture of two artistic talents who are actively contributing to the Lisbon music scene.

Enkō is a DJ and producer and a rising name on techno and ambient. He’s been behind the curatorial activity at OBRΔ after-hours, the sunset evenings of Ocaso, and is a solid DJ frequenting venues such as Lux,...



Tracks list:

Realm Of Senses (Intro)
Killing Darkness
Time Vortex
Sing A Sad Song
Ode To Def Con 5
Universe Of The Mind
Talk With Shiva
Vynil Junkie
Down With Buddha
The Preacher
Last Rain (Outro)

"Illegal Arts EP"


Illegal Arts EP holds a bold range of genre defiance, with influences ranging from outer-space, acid techno to low-fi, industrial house to yet discovered arcade, jungle techno. There’s never a dull moment with their unusual composition, beautiful dissonance, warm grooves, eerie textures and mischievous approach to progressive...

Lately Kind Of Yeah
"Sturm und Drang"


Lately Kind of Yeah - Sturm und Drang (VULP-0146)
Part of the Lately Kind of Yeah archive series.
Sturm und Drang is a greatly improved and expanded Storm and Urge, originally released on Vulpiano back in 2011. Awash with noise but still so sweet, and perhaps one of the warmest, coziest...

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