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@SheDrivesMobility Für Pfleger*innen, die in der Krise schwerstarbeit leisten.

Corona, Ärzte, Pflegepersonal 

"100 Prozent der nichtärztlichen und 99 Prozent der ärztlichen Mitarbeiter der Intensivmedizin glauben, dass es eine nachhaltige Krankenhausreform mit Stärkung der Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin sowie bes­se­re Arbeitsbedingungen brauche. "

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I'll try to go offline for a while.
I still have the important stuff thanks to Kiwix and Zeal. <3

"A useless long leg
Are you taking a photo or drinking a bottle of water?
You’re a spoon pal
You are" - Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg


“In the year 2000, when the human genome was sequenced – that took a decade to complete and cost $4bn,” Bunce says. Now, New Zealand labs are turning around genomic sequences of Covid-19 in less than eight hours. “It’s got a hell of a lot cheaper, and a hell of a lot quicker,” he says. (quoting Michael Bunce from

Quarters in a mason jar for every time she smokes
She says “if we keep this up, girls, in no time we’ll be broke”
- Christan Lee Hudson - Atheist

"[...] I was getting degrees
that i didn't need
like an addiction keeping busy
so I didn't have to be
the real me [...]"
- EB - Driving a While

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