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it's a pleasure
building the nest
holding the treasure
come on, be my guest!

cítím se být právě bohem;
přišil jsem dva knoflíky.
tohle bude naše sbohem,
začnem znovu od píky.

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lying there
sheets of paper in the sand
starting to feel dumb
man, i’m bad at making

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sitting here
my head in my hands
starting to feel numb
i’m bad at making

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ta se táže: „kde jsou básně?“
tak já říkám: „píšu je“
„a ty básně budou krásné?“
odpovídám: „asi ne“

typng with onw hand is esy
its someting anone cando
it miht indwwd soumd ceesy
wjy dont yuo tr it tw

oddávám se premisám:
má to ještě smysl?
stejně tady ležím sám
tělo plné hnisu

writing them makes me queasy
hope i’m not the only one.
feeling rightly uneasy
Two weeks! (maybe months)

i’m still writing
still not done

Do not believe your eyes and ears:
your own experiences were a fever dream.
Quickly go and wipe off your tears,
back to work—working on that income stream.

mashing keys:
thoughts pouring out.
smash then squeeze,
no need to shout.

we argue over internet,
squabbling about nothing.
even though we've never met
to your house I'm coming.

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Blaumeisen: Elter und Kind. Das Elter ist struppig wegen der Mauser und dem Dauerstress, das Kind propper, wohlgenährt und ungnädig....

Es ist überall das Gleiche.

#Meisensucht #vogelflausch

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zero patients
all of them are gone
got impatient
wanted to move on

standing alone
here on the edge
shouldn't have thrown
the ball in a hedge

dear diary
there's nothing much to tell
why do they have to yell?

whenever I see him I shiver
a disfigured face
it could be a broken mirror?
maybe that's the case

sometimes I feel
like I have nothing to say
come on be real
sadly that day is today

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