it's a pleasure
building the nest
holding the treasure
come on, be my guest!

man, typography's fun
making the letters dance
took another shot of rum
with a swift and friendly glance

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Ein neuer Tag im Land der Mastodonten...

Guten Morgen liebe Herde!

Ich habe meinem Laptop beim Kauf damals echt zu wenig SSD gegönnt. Immer die externen anstecken zu müssen nervt. *seufz* *Datenumkopier*

Immer wenn ich gucke ob ein neuer Rechner nicht ne gute Idee wäre schockt mich der Preis meiner Wunschkonfi und ich bleibe bei meinen alten...

Hier eine Blaumeise aus dem Archiv :)

sometimes i feel
i don't belong
like a square wheel
everything's wrong

here alone

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this shall be the last time I tell you this
I am
something that is important to me.
I have been working on it for five years and I feel it's finally ready

it's an e-mail

what are you doing
do not oversimplify
where are you going

in the middle of the night
████ ██████ ██ ████
these thoughts I try to fight
█ ████ ██ ████ ████

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it would make it weird
if I said what I think
I value our friendship
more than anything

tooty tootity toot
everything's fcked up
feel like a mute
someday i'll snap

i can't be
care free
being born in europe
not oppressed
just stressed
worldwide hiccup

say hello to chris,
say hello to mass.
this holiday season,
gonna eat some ass.

what the frick did you say?
i'm from US navy
keeping the enemy at bay
swimming in pools of gravy

thinking about you
yet i know you not
you're going to be my end
a noose with a big knot

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