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i can't be
care free
being born in europe
not oppressed
just stressed
worldwide hiccup

say hello to chris,
say hello to mass.
this holiday season,
gonna eat some ass.

what the frick did you say?
i'm from US navy
keeping the enemy at bay
swimming in pools of gravy

thinking about you
yet i know you not
you're going to be my end
a noose with a big knot

this toot was paid by SquareSpace
monetise everything you love
trying to keep a straight face
wondering what will i die of

wouldn't call her
cause i'm shy and scared
of this agony
i want to be spared

wouldn't know what to do
what do i say?
now feeling blue
alone will i stay

met a girl
talked for a bit
i have to admit
stomach twirled

didn't ask her name
didn't get her number
wouldn't call her anyway

had nothing planned
now i'm sitting here
this quiet band
i can not hear

yard by yard
crawling through the went
picturing the end
die hard

i've come to my senses
this! this is pretentious
can't get anything done
from problems i run
no future
lost adventure

just kill me now
please end it
don't know how
launch me in orbit

I've missed the train
but I don't care
finally not chained
can go anywhere

i shake in terror
can't read stories you wrote
your page showed me an error
this is a bug report

Suddenly it's political,
if it's about Hitler.
Art's gotta be critical,
cause that what I told her.

I wish I had curly hair,
for it I would fight a bear.
A polar bear to be precise,
he and I would fight on ice.

sometimes i feel
everything's gonna be ok
then you say you cannot stay
with this i can't deal

without you

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looking for a way out
i only find darkness
then, finally, a light
a problem has been detected
your reality has been shut down
to prevent damage to your consciousness

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