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a Wiktionary chain poem built from example sentences, starting with β€œmanoeuvrability”


Art workers have to provide constant proof of their activities in order to get paid. A solid CV is mandatory for all the stuff that gets listed in the CVs later on. Comrades in a hurry also list stuff that has not yet been carried out, but that should not bother us here. So here’s a poem about artist’s CVs:

Hey pips, i'm an #anarchist from #Belarus reporting what is going on right now in english. Would love some boosting to get more attention inside anarchist and leftist circles on situation in the country.

#NoComradesUnder1k #NoComradesUnder5k #NoComradeLeftBehind

i miss you already, friend

your orange and white blend

your eyes looking up to me

asking me for food and cuddles

you were always there for me

helping me through my struggles

i wish i'd said goodbye

187, 188. Shield Lake & Earle Lake from Prusik pass, Prusik Peak from Gnome Tarn. I find it very hard to change gears from hiking to drawing, and it's something I will continue to work on, but if anyone has any tips, I'd be happy to hear them. In this case I was able to manage a few quick sketches.

#Theenchantments #prusik #prusikpeak #shieldlake #earlelake #hiking #washingtonstate #alpinelakes #alpinelakeswilderness #sketch #sketches #pencilsketch #art

an idea has hatched
no need for assistance
electronic mail
again have i failed
the bane of my existence
see the file attached

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*On Schedule*

Pump them out!
That's the shout.
But when writing rhymes
That is not what it's about.

They come when they do.
You must see that's true.
So live with that friends.
And try not to be blue.

#SmallPoems #Meta

Ein neuer Tag im Land der Mastodonten...

Guten Morgen liebe Herde!

Ich habe meinem Laptop beim Kauf damals echt zu wenig SSD gegΓΆnnt. Immer die externen anstecken zu mΓΌssen nervt. *seufz* *Datenumkopier*

Immer wenn ich gucke ob ein neuer Rechner nicht ne gute Idee wΓ€re schockt mich der Preis meiner Wunschkonfi und ich bleibe bei meinen alten...

Hier eine Blaumeise aus dem Archiv :)

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