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So Angela Merkel (and lot's of other important people) here in Weimar today, funniest story is through that our local autonomous youth centre (Gerberstraße - the oldest in east germany) were there today with a poster that read: "Thank you Merkel for the heating!

In the early 90ies (93?) Merkel visited a lot of german youth centres - she was social affairs minister at that time - and when visiting Weimar, she gave money for a new underfloor heating (or helped or whatever, who knows :)

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mein fernseher hat es in einen schlimmen artikel über bei spiegelonline geschafft: "Auf einem Regalbrett steht ein Röhrenfernseher aus den Achtzigerjahren."
das kommt in meinen lebenslauf.

a friend spilt some soda on his notebook. it still worked, but the screen was dead, and then eventually it died completely. after complete disassembly, the mainboard was relatively unharmed, and after disconnecting the screen it booted again. somehow the soda got into the screen and shorted a rail of the led backlight. never seen that one before...
i took the screen apart and cleaned the backlight today. works on the lab power supply, with some luck it might work in the notebook.

ok, what the hell. there were other weird tapes that sounded really dull. and one that sounded like electroacoustic music. i finally figured it out: somehow, somebody managed to spool 540m of tape in the wrong direction. multiple times. so the actual magnetic side of the tape was facing away from the heads. that shouldn't even work physically on most machines. it does work on mine, but it just looks and feels wrong. 😁

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Der SS-Mann Karl M. ist einem Medienbericht zufolge Opfer eines Überfalls geworden.

Zwei Personen, die sich als Postboten ausgegeben hatten, fesselten den 96jährigen, durchsuchten die Wohnung und nahmen Aktenordner, andere Unterlagen und Wertgegenstände mit.

Der verurteilte NS-Kriegsverbrecher hatte im vergangenen November ein Interview gegeben und darin ein Massaker in Frankreich im Jahr 1944, an dem er beteiligt war, gerechtfertigt sowie den Holocaust relativiert.

day 2: after some terrible, terrible "schlager"-tapes (sometimes including gdr state propaganda) i have finally reached a new wave tape. great mix. unfortunately the levels are way off, the music is very quiet and there's lot of noise. still, pretty good. haven't heard "self control" by laura branigan in a long time, i love that song.

the night sky is really clear here today. ✨ maybe i should go for a walk up on the mountain, i'm sure there's gonna be a beautiful view on the milky way. 🌌

alright, that was a letdown. stimmung is completely blank. it's also not stimmung, i think - the box is from late 70s gdr tape, but the reel in there is actually mid-80s polish tape. i guess it got mixed up at some point.
started a unlabeled tape now, first track is 'shine a light' by the rolling stones. that's better.

saved some tapes from the trash. this is gonna be fun (or terrible). I'll start with the one labeled "Stimmung" (mood? not sure of the english word for that), let's see. 😁

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Aktivist*innen in Dortmund hatten da was zu ner Messe zu sagen.

i own some old industrial equipment i got for various projects and now mostly lend to friends. i really love this thing: it's an air compressor from the 70s. it took me a year to figure out that this is not from a factory, but completely . the main components include an old boiler tank, a russian 3-phase motor, and a compressor from the air brake system of a w50 truck. there's also a water separator built from the fuel filter assembly of a trabant car. 40 years and it still works fine! 👍

ach Thüringen...du bestätigst mal wieder jedes Vorurteil als "Mitte" Deutschlands: "Bratwurstmuseum auf ehemaligem KZ-Außenlager geplant" 😑

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Daily Reminder: Seenotrettung ist kein Verbrechen.

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