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i should probably write my applications for uni projects as the deadline is in two days, but this feels more important right now, ok

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i need to take a four hour car ride in two weeks, better start working on the needed mixtapes:

studis beim versuch "politisch korrekt" zu formulieren zu sehen ist schon spaßig manchmal:
"für internationale Studenten und Inländer"

also gendern haben die erst mal verkackt, ok, aber was zur hölle sind inländer
ich meine wenn das treffen hier in einer bar stattfindet sind alle "im land" oder verstehe ich da was falsch

weimarer wohnungsmarkt so: hey du willst doch sicher für schlappe 300€ im monat in nem zimmer im ehemaligen stasi-knast wohnen, wir haben auch die gitter vor den fenstern weggemacht

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alright, so my brain decided it was time for nightmares. so far, so normal. only for some reason my brain decided that anteaters are scary and it needed to include anteaters at some point. so that was weird. it kinda forgot what anteaters actually looks like, though. and what it came up with instead was definitely not scary but more comically fluffy, so i somehow woke up in absolute confusion, because seriously, what the hell was that about.

i'm bored and lonely and definitely under-cuddled

send help

depol, polizei 

thüringens datenschutzbeauftragter so: "Die missbräuchliche Abfrage persönlicher Daten durch die Polizei nimmt zu."
die thüringer cdu so: "Das ist Populismus! Solche Aussagen bringen die Polizei in Misskredit!"
also alles wie immer hier.

so florian said he's from hamburg and he doesn't like how "antifa loops back over to be fascist" as he could clearly see at all these demonstrations in schanzenviertel
well i might have been at one of these, guess that means i'm fascist now

needless to say, we didn't really get along

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@pastelpunkbandit i wish i remember who on twitter made this, because it's great

"Liebe Studierende der Fakultät Kunst und Gestaltung,

in diesem Semester werden wir zum ersten Mal die Projekt- und Kurswahl mit Hilfe eines Algorithmus realisieren. Die Zuteilung übernimmt ein Python-Script nach dem Flussprinzip."

können wir die professoren auch durch ein python-script ersetzen? das würde einiges vereinfachen

someone in this house is blasting britney at full volume, and like, i'm pretty sure we'd get along wonderfully as friends, but definitely not as neighbours


if you're thinking "why the hell is bavaria a content warning", i just walked down the street and suddenly the people behind me started talking with a bavarian accent and that made my hair stand on end and i immediately took a defensive stance and grabbed my keys in my fist

i think growing up in bavaria gave me ptsd or something

oh cool i think i actually look kinda nice in the pictures from the photoshoot i went to, yay :blobfoxaww:
photo by
[picture of me, eye contact]

today on soviet ads: "just two girls picking flowers in a field next to their station wagon while gazing into each others eyes, being pals" (is the volga estate the subaru outback of the ussr? needs more research)

techhoes over techbros

(boost if ur a techhoe)

my first grade report card said i had trouble following orders and i've been going downhill ever since, so guess what, your stickers won't stop me

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"well she's an arch but i'm a manjaro, we're just not compatible"

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