@Bobo_PK @pastelpunkbandit that's a soviet transistor, so it's wearing a ushanka with the flaps up, if anything


@pastelpunkbandit it probably contains a microphone and reports back to the cia

hmm. this still had all the original factory seals from 1973. produced in east germany. can you spot the odd thing? 🤓

people are telling me i should get new tech. they just don't get it. portable music players with hdds are fucking cool, ok?! i love them. i'm on the train, listening to something nice, kinda dozing off - and then, every 10 or so minutes, my old ipod starts spinning up the hdd and buffering, and i can feel the slight vibrations, the rotation, the moving heads. it's like a living organism of some sort. why the hell should i replace that with some boring new thing.

uni, rant 

here's the (german) link, just in case you need a reminder just how fucked up white people spirituality is (i recommend the "about" section for some heavy eyerolling): feineseele.de/traumfaenger-bed

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uni, rant 

oh, sure, and "the circle represents democracy", and then she throws in a pinterest link to "the meaning of dreamcatchers".

what the hell is wrong with people.

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uni, rant 

oh fuck, this one dreamcatcher girl seriously wrote a paragraph about how the yarn represents unity, and maybe we should be inspired by it and change society so "left and right, and rich and poor" can "constructively work together". how far up your own privileged ass can you be.

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this just came up randomly in conversation - a friend was introducing me to two girls and was like "she's the one i told you about, she picked our door with her earring" - and one of them was really impressed, while the other was like "why do you know how to pick locks anyways" 😆

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uni, rant 

@pastelpunkbandit we probably are, or at least we share the same type of apolitical white cis hetereo art students

i mean, they are everywhere

recently got into a fight in another course because apparently i "always make everything political, and it's annoying" 🙃

uni, rant 

@pastelpunkbandit i'm starting to suspect it's the same here

ok actually there are also white guys "upcycling" trackpants and beer bottles

can't even make this shit up

uni, rant 

this uni course on feminism and textile has way too many white girls making dreamcatchers. 😑

Reading reviews on AliExpress that have been machine-translated from Eastern European languages with seeming nonsense breaks where there was colourful swearing that the translator gave up on is hilarious.

long post about tone and voice (1/6ish) 

Let’s talk about dominant voice.

In school, I learned to do things like presentations and debates. In it, I learned to speak with confidence, to raise my volume until the back of the class could hear me, to avoid ‘uuuhhh’ and ‘like’, to avoid street language. Implicitly, I also learned to keep my voice within a certain vocal range: not too high, not to monotone. ‘I know what I’m talking about’ has a specific sound to it.

@MissInformation definitely, the world needs more space-folk! i'm working on it. 😄

@mara hmm, maybe it's universal? i mean the ukulele as such is certainly pushing gender boundaries 🤔

so apparently there's this stereotype that if you're transfeminine and a musician you'll end up with a ukulele somewhere along the way.
i ended up with a theremin and a balalaika instead. how the hell did i ever pass that gender assessment, there's obviously something wrong with me.

i, too, want a rebel girl as my best friend
or maybe i wanna be a rebel girl
maybe both
i'll figure this out at some point

i'm really tired, and there's nothing happening anyway
but my makeup is just too good to be wasted on a psychotherapy appointment and nothing else
woe is me

@schmittlauch mich nervt ja das aus dem engels-ring die trierer str. wurde. nicht aus dem marx-platz. argh. das hätte wenigstens gepasst!

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