@keno why doesn't @bauhaus_fm have dedicated underground parking? and a front desk? and a cafeteria? like, where is all that money going? i smell corruption

A Studio Ghibli gif that describes me? Oh, that’s INCREDIBLY easy

but also, he never gave me back my gameboy that he borrowed for a long bus ride to moscow back when i was 12, so he's probably just an asshole

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the thing is, i've never figured out how serious he's about this - he is proud of the framed picture of him shaking hands with günther beckstein (former bavarian minister president), but also, the last time i saw him (over a decade ago) he proudly showed me the keys to a chalet in st.moritz that he got from one of his new "friends" and the way he talked about it had a certain hint of "look, these idiots think i'm one of them", and i mean, i can't really judge him for that

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oh wait, i forgot about my cousin who was a rising star at the bolshoi theatre, dropped out, fled the country, joined the polish mafia, was arrested dealing stolen cars, and is now pretending to be a successful businessmen and is the "ausländerbeauftragter" at the local csu (bavarian far-right party).


although...that level of bullshit kinda has a artistic value in itself, and i'm not sure if being a token for nazis counts as blue-collar work 🤔

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apparently my family has consistently produced one failed artist ending up in a blue-collar job each generation

nah, can't be me, must be my sister

somehow managed to route my headphone cable between two layers of scarf but at the same time under my choker (still not sure how the fuck i managed to do that) and almost strangled myself when taking of my clothes

so yeah

thats how my day is going

*soll eine playlist mit "edgy christmas songs" machen*
*macht stattdessen eine playlist depressiver winter-songs*

@the_gayest_goat_in_town maybe i can just add that line to the contract before signing it

i have a programming job! (that's not for art)

so, ugh...when do i get the socks?

If you need a computer science degree or an equal amount of time spent in computer work/learning to operate your own server/instance/whatever software, it is not accessible to most people.

If you need a bunch of money to operate your own server/instance/whatever software, it is not accessible to most people.

Now think about who has the most time and money. Are those people going to create software that is safe for everyone to use? Of course not.

It's privilege all the way down.


Ich weiß, ich weiß, „Enteignung“ klingt für Politiker*innen wie ein Schimpfwort, wenn es nicht grade drum geht Platz für Kohlebagger oder Autobahnen zu machen.
Deshalb hab ich einen alternativ Vorschlag:

- Steuer auf Leerstand
- mindestens 50% der durchschnittlichen Miete im Stadtteil pro qm, hochgerechnet auf die Fläche des Leerstands, Abrechnung pro Monat
- Geld wird verwendet, um Wohnraum zu verstaatlichen

Männer die meinen, jeder Job & jede Beförderung würden ausschließlich nach objektiven & gerechten Kriterien vergeben werden. So naiv wäre ich auch gerne noch einmal in meinem Leben. 😪 #Frauenquote

Euch ist schon klar, dass die Verständnislosigkeit gegenüber bestimmten großen Familienfeiern in den letzten Monaten einerseits und die Befürwortung von Corona-Sonderregeln zu Weihnachen andererseits ein Paradebeispiel für Rassismus sind.

@nipos hat sich anfang des jahres in einer internen diskussion unseres hackspaces (er ist kein mitglied, war nie da, niemand von uns hat ihn je persönlich getroffen) unmöglich aufgeführt (weil wir nicht seiner meinung waren), ist dann per konsensbeschluss rausgeflogen, und sieht sich seitdem als opfer einer verschwörung deren anführerin ich bin. seitdem stalkt er mich digital und will mich aus der "community" ausschließen. 😑

the professor totally had my back and told us how she organized a festival for female composers in the 90s and invited pauline to give a talk on her work

strange alliances are forming in this course

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