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this magazine cover just gave me a jumpscare cause that woman looks exactly like my aunt svetlana
[cw: a soviet woman making eye contact]

throwback to the time high-end tvs had printer connectors so you could print videotext

scanned and cleaned up some technical drawings from old gdr "Jugend und Technik" (youth and technology) magazines, i like this one

ok so that is not the reference picture i took years ago that i was looking for, but it is pretty fucking aesthetic i think

trying to fix one thing from the pile every few days, so that a) i finally get this done b) i have space again c) i'm not bored to death d) i can afford things

anyway, today it's a 1970s cb transceiver. i think it works, so that was easy. kind of hard to test if you have no matching equipment.

ey dhl ich glaub mein paket hat jetzt genug stadtrundfahrten gemacht, und überhaupt weimar mag ja schön sein, aber ich glaub so ein paket kann das nicht würdigen

after cleaning 20 years of dust out, it does work fine, i even found some ancient linux live cds that would boot

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anyone here want a wonderful compaq prosignia 200 server from 1998? p2 233mhz, 384mb ram, scsi, bnc network, isa slots, all the fun stuff

was part of a donation and i kinda feel bad about throwing it away

of course i couldn't bear to leave it there and spent way too much time on getting this questionable 80s off-brand engineering feat running again. i never can throw out stuff like this, i mean look, i'm broken and deserving of care too!

anyway, found the shorted diode, replaced the drive belt, took the nail out. the part that caught on fire was a choke for filtering the dc, it still works (probably not as intended, i'm sure it's shorted out, but who cares).

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oh yes, late 80s high-end car audio for rich fucks, where your dedicated cassette player (it's a car audio component system, because of course it is) has a giant lcd whose only function is to display an animation of an tape playing

the animation is kinda nice, though

i should put a webcam up that transmits that clock and nothing else, i just think the glow of the tubes is very soothing

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it mostly worked and just needed some love. the pcb has no support in the middle bottom and so has curved inwards a lot over the years, leading to the tubes being very asymmetric, so i corrected that, they are now mostly straight. and the contacts in the tube sockets needed some cleaning. also cleaned and polished the glass, that was *really* necessary

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i'm not kidding about that trabant part

the packaging has zero information about what it is and just uses made-up fancy words

"wolpyrla" and "pan-f" could be anything, and i know how the planned economy in east germany worked, so it's probably leftovers or a byproduct from something entirely different

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i ran out of several colours or never had them to start with, and also it's all different yarns that don't fit together that well, but hey, that's like an analogy for identity or something

and it is kinda scratchy, guess that's what you get for using leftover east german yarn. who knows what that stuff is even made of, probably recycled trabants

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you know those annoying soccer fans with their stupids scarfs showing off their team? well i'm team girls

[cw eye contact]

but ava, how can you deal without a smartphone in 2020?
well i just carry all this other shit around, because each of these can only do a very specific function, but way better

i hate that it's impossible to get schematics for modern devices. trying to resurrect an ipod nano 6g that has nothing but a loud screeching modem dial tone on the headphone out, but works normally apart from that. audio from the line out on the dock connector is fine, so it's probably just a audio control chip or maybe a simple opamp. but of course none of the chips on the board are marked in any way either, so now it's just a nice looking paperclip with a integrated clock. 😑

die scheinen an der uni ja diesmal richtig viel zeit gehabt zu haben sich flachwitz-veranstaltungstitel auszudenken. hilft meiner motivation nicht wirklich. 😑

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