also ještěd tower in a foggy night looks super cyberpunk

<3 socialist architecture

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had to take the car because i'm too poor not to (train - 60€, fuel - 25€). anyway, sunrise on the autobahn was pretty epic, but also, fuck, i hate driving long distance (especially alone)

harassment, techbros 

today on fragile white techbro: "i feel excluded because of my sexuality. i'm straight and i feel attacked by all that queerness. that's why i'm doxxing you. i want to get you cancelled because you don't respect me misgendering and harassing you. that is infringing on my freedom."

well cool thanks for all the stress. you absolutely sound like somebody i'd love to exclude.



admin is known for trolling and harassment, threatens doxxing and legal action over opposing opinions (i guess that's what german "antifa" does?), insists "reverse racism" and "reverse sexism" are a thing (despite his own server rules saying otherwise), and of course misgendering, couldn't do without, could he

(this is about me using "old white men" as a descriptor for old white men, he has been harassing me off and on masto for 6 months)

12 hours later and i'm already reinstalling it due to unfixable driver problems :D ah yes, just like back then

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scanned some old slides from the trash, this was apparently the headquarters of the robotron personal computer subdivison in karl-marx-stadt (now chemnitz). i'm curious about that "art" - i guess it's a punch card pattern? is it possible to decode this?

a nice side effect is that now have direct access to all the servers in the uni network, which includes the radio feature archive

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so one of my was buying abandoned cars at auctions. this one had a finnish registration and was parked at stuttgart airport for 5 years. when it was impounded the accrued parking fees were at around 10000€. bought for around 250€. not running, busted locks, seized brakes, the usual. no paperwork (obviously). fixed it up, got german paperwork, sold to some guy in dresden, made rent for half a year.

men still insist i have no idea how cars work. :blobcatfingerguns:

so i don't really like apple or their products, but one thing that is super awesome is the fact that you can get schematics and boardview files for most of their computers. today i was able to hunt down the problems on a partially dead macbook pro to a leaking capacitor and a shorted input on a controller and revive the whole thing by swapping two components from another dead board. in-depth troubleshooting like this is pretty much impossible on most other brands due to a lack of documentation.

sometimes i like the internet, i mean, i just found the operating manual for a 1920s coffee machine

on ebay, that's why there's a thumb on it, but all the info is still there

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und ich kann sehen wie es um das leseverständnis der studis bestellt ist...😑
(mindestens ein viertel der adressen sind extern)

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aber immerhin weiß ich jetzt das ich eine von 7 bin und nicht ganz allein

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