today in "no way you can do that": wd hdd with onboard usb3-interface and no sata. i/o-errors, not properly recognized. usb-controller might be broken.
well...but...there's a datasheet for the usb-sata-bridge. so i unsoldered the bridge and wired up a sata port. works. connected via sata. properly recognized. hd is still fucked, though. but anyway, my hack works. 😄

finished the overpriced mixer with the terrible psu. we were out of step-up converter boards, so the owner ordered some and we installed it (bypassing the original step-up converter that's to the left of it). it works, and it doesn't even look that terrible. 😁 i just had to drill a mounting hole into the board (there were none). and because it's an elegant solution, it doubles as a ground connection.

and i liked the one with all the fog machines. because i like fog machines. and because that one really focused on the videomapping.

also there were nerd jokes and political statements. i like that. (the other projections were nice, but somewhat trivial and without a message).

this was the projection on the national theatre, i liked it the most, so here's another clip:

went to the local videomapping festival and saw some nice things.
CW: flashy lights, loud sound

finally made it to the today (haven't been there in weeks, eventhough it's just 10min away). it's a beautiful wilderness right now and everything seems to be in bloom :)

it think i'm gonna be here for a while, the rain is just getting heavier and i don't want to walk the 4km home...
but it's nice here.

zeit für das große mechanik-puzzle! hoffentlich bleibt nix übrig. 😅

my portable 1960s reel-to-reel tape recorder now runs off a recycled notebook battery. runtime ~2.5 hours at decent volume. now i can finally play terrible 60s schlager tapes in public places and annoy tourists. 😄

trying to fix an allen&heath xone43 dh mixer. this thing retails for $799 (!!!). i've never seen a more terrible psu in my life. what the fuck. this is cheap chinese 12V switching power supply (think notebook psu) screwed to the case with a bracket (!!!). well, the opamps in this thing need a +/-15v power supply. how did they solve that? well, take a wild fucking guess. (1/3)

kommunikation mit alten männern bei ebay kleinanzeigen....aaaaaargh. 🙃

yeah, sure. 😆 if you pretend your cheap knock-off is decent quality, at least proof-read your fake claims...🙄

i didn't know some places in east germany had soviet-style concrete/metal town signs. apparently they do. it's a nice match to the abandoned 60s Kosum (state-run supermarket) in the next town and helps maintain that wonderful backcountry dystopia feeling. 😶

ordered two cheap monitor backlight ccfl-to-led conversion kits from china. they are about 3€ each and contain a replacement "inverter" (for dimming & power supply) and two led strips (for 22" lcds). i finally installed them - cut to size for an really old 15" monitor that had gone very dim and reddish, and into a 22" monitor where something was wrong with the backlight (turned off after 10s) and i couldn't figure out what it was (one of the 4 ccfl tubes had a crack, i guess that was it).

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