der @maschinenraum hat jetzt ein frisch gestrichenes klo mit diskokugel. endlich. 😁

i like my bee friends, they are really friendly. well, they will bump against your head. repeatedly. their navigation is shit. but it's never aggressively, and once they've found their way around you they'll leave you alone. so...if you'd also like to have some anarchist bee friends, consider putting up some old bamboo or something like that - they might show up eventually. 😄 (3/3)

you can see that a lot of the bamboo canes have a sort of plug at the end - that's the bees work, each of these is a finished nest with a larva. in the second picture, there's also a bees ass sticking out of a hole, they are fun to watch (they go in forward, then come out again and go in backward, etc.). (2/3)

so i'm keeping bees on my balcony. just kidding, the bees live there on their own, they just showed up one day. i think it's something like 30 bees? they are hard to count. these are mason bees, a kind of solitary bee (they don't live in hives, there is no queen, they live in loose communities - i like to think of them as anarchist bees). we put up some old bamboo mats as insulation for our planters, and the bees really like them. (1/3)

habe ihn trotzdem mal aufgemacht, weil ich dachte der ist sicher voller staub, so nach 19 jahren...aber nö. scheint nicht mal viel benutzt worden zu sein.

was die leute so alles auf die straße stellen...
diesmal: dieser projektor aus dem jahr 2000, neupreis damals ca. 17.000 DM. auflösung 800x600. mit all den features, die heute niemand braucht, z.b. ps/2 ein- und ausgang, damit lässt sich die maus auf dem rechner mit der fernbedienung vom projektor steuern und play beim video drücken!
und das ding geht sogar, bis auf einen leichten roten farbstich unten rechts in der ecke.

preparations for @bauhaus_fm tomorrow - i want to play the tapes on a car radio for authenticity. found this one in my stack of spares/junk radios (it's from a junkyard car - just like the tapes) and fixed it up & added a line out. it was locked and the security code was missing, but i have a diy-interface for flashing motorola mcus and i'm a now i'm in! 😁

scanning some slides that were saved from the trash. apparently a couple from east germany went to the uzbek ssr in the late 60s. i really like the colours of these old slides, i think i should take more analogue photos again...

a friend gave me his old handycam. the display didn't work anymore, after disassembly i found a broken flexcable. spare parts are no longer available, that stupid cable can't be found anywhere. i was about to give up, but then i decided to try if i could fix the cable. it had 3mm slack and the fracture was at an place that with not much strain. i was successful. which is weird, because that should not have worked, everything is really small and fragile. but it did. that's nice. 😄

godzilla is very enthusiastic about gardening, apparently 😁

ich habe heute elektrodenschweißen gelernt. ergebnis: ich kann jetzt ungefähr so gut schlecht elektrodenschweißen wie ich gut schlecht schutzgasschweißen kann. also ausreichend. 😁

oddly enough, the neighboring city of also has a clock, this one was a present from the computer factory. it's design is very 80s. also, it has a computer, so it plays a 8-bit jingle every full hour. and the dedication was never removed, a lot of people there are still proud of the days when there still was an industry and the city was relevant.

more socialist public art! a lot of places had installations that were made by the local state industry and showcased their connection to the city. had a clock factory - so they got a clock, obviously. it's a really nice mechanism, it displays world time with a spinning cylinder, and has displays for temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity. the city removed the badge with the dedication after the reunification (socialism!? that never happened!), it was only put back last year.

i went to a park 7km from here and made friends with a weasel. or maybe it wanted to eat me, i'm not sure. i never saw one before, they are really cute! 😄

todays movie for night was "Петля Ориона" from 1980. It's...weird. The script was co-written by Alexei Leonov, the first human to take a spacewalk (in 1965). So if it was written by a real cosmonaut, it should be realistic, right? No holograms of giant eyes floating through space, no proofs of ancient aliens in Tibet, no secret 10th planet in the solar system, right? Still, it's a nice movie and I can recommend it:

in 2013 it was ripped off its pedestal, dragged away, and abandoned nearby. the police seized it, and disappeared from the storage area. it was probably stolen and sold as scrap metal, or the city took the chance and finally got rid of this financial burden. who knows. they left the pedestal with the foot, basically creating a completely new piece of art: socialist realism turned into conceptual art. (2/2)

i like art in public spaces, especially if its context changed over time.
todays exhibit: the foot. this used to be a bronze statue of a female gymnast, standing in front of the gym next to the former "polytechnic secondary school". in socialist times it was a usual practice to place statues like that as a sort of motivation, to showcase what could be. after socialism...well, things didn't look so good. the statue was vandalized often, but always restored (eventually). (1/2)

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