ok, last oscilloscope for today (it's not like I have more, I'm not *that* crazy). I bought this over 10 years ago, I needed a scope and it was cheap (it had some problems). I was lucky, it's a nice model with some useful features, and it just works. I use it for work, projects & stuff. I used to carry it everywhere when I held workshops, which is super annoying (it's really big and heavy) - that's why I eventually just got a seperate one for the hackspace. 😄

Ich bin auch voll enttäuscht in der langweiligen Version der Zukunft zu leben, wo verdammt sind die gigantischen Sputnik-Monumente?!

! Ich glaube das wird trashig heute abend, irgendwie kann ich Filme mit solchen Title-Cards nicht mehr ernstnehmen. Sowjetunion, 1963.

Maybe today is a good day to post oscilloscopes. This is also mine, and on permanent loan to @maschinenraum (realistically I'm the only one to use it anyway). I love that I know its history - it was used to calibrate the read/write heads on the mainframe tape storage of a nearby company. Still has the "state property" sticker. I got it from a old guy who worked there and just took it home when they scaled down & fired half of their workers after the reunification. Fuck capitalism and all that.

Swapping the tube was even harder than expected. But it works! Well, somehow. Most controls don't work and the trigger doesn't really...trigger. But that's likely the first time in a long while it has actually done anything. The last calibration seal on this thing is from 1975.

The machine is an trigger oscilloscope from 1965, and the part is a picture tube. The oscilloscope is a tube machine - not a single transistor in there, but 13 tubes! Back then it was a "portable service oscilloscope" - it's massive and weighs over 15kg. Nowadays a cheap microcontroller can easily outdo it. Not really sure what I'm gonna do with it when it works. 🙃 (2/2)

Nice! I received this water-stained carboard box today. Inside is an brand new spare part that probably hasn't left this box since 1964. I've been looking for this for over a year and had pretty much given up - then this turned up on ebay and I got it for 10€. I'm pretty happy, cause now I can finally fix that damn machine. (1/2).

tomato plants! i somehow messed up last years seeds and they wouldn't sprout, but luckily i still had about 10 from 2017, and from those i got 7 little plants (and 1 that's definitely not a tomato, but it looks nice anyway)

spent the last two days dealing with terrible headaches 😑 at least that presented an opportunity to do some low-effort reading, i'm currently learning how to be a good wife in the communist future (as envisioned in 1969). it's weird.

i went for a walk to take my mind off things, luckily the sky cleared up and the sight was really beautiful! i even saw the iss go by. 🌌 ✨ 🚀

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Ich habe mal unseren Europaabgeordneten zu unserer Demo eingeladen. Ich glaube der kommt nicht, aber ich hab's wenigstens versucht. :P

jemand hat einen chaos.social aufkleber auf unserer auto-mate hinterlassen 😄

But it wouldn't boot. That's when I found out that I apparently have a early 2006 CoreDuo Macbook (which is 32bit) and a late 2006 Core2Duo iMac (64bit) and I can't boot the 64bit-install on the 32bit-machine. Obviously. 😑 Anyway, I just wasted several hours I could have used to fixed the actual problem. 😐 At least I can access my archive of schematics and get some work done... (3/3)

Maybe target mode still worked - if it did, i could use its HD as a bootable device on the Macbook and just use that. Thats when I realized I didn't have a power supply for the Macbook. But I did have a Magsafe connector and a 85w HP power supply I pulled from the trash, so I just built one. It didn't work. So I took it apart completely and found a bad solder joint, fixed that, and had a working Macbook. And target mode on the iMac actually worked! Nice. (2/3)

Ein wenig mehr Diversität wäre schön gewesen, in der (westdeutschen) Bodenstation machen Frauen offenbar nur Kaffee, während sie in der (sowjetischen) Raumstation den Großteil der Crew stellen. 😑 Das übliche Wende-Chaos. 😶

Und ich glaube ich brauche echt noch länger um das zu verarbeiten, das habe ich sonst wirklich selten. Auch interessant, wie ich nach lesen von zig Zusammenfassungen und Rezensionen den Eindruck habe einen komplett anderen Film gesehen zu haben als die (ja, ich weiß es gibt auch ein Remake, das war aber alles die Version von 89 bezogen). (3/4)

Ein wirrer Wende-Mix an westlichen und sozialistischen Schauspielern, Kapitalismuskritik und Kritik am Realkommunismus. Ist auch über große Teile durch die Intensivität der Handlung und Bilder echt schwer zu ertragen (da ist so ziemlich alles schreckliche dabei wozu Menschen in der Lage sind), aber das macht ihn auch wieder irgendwie gut, weil die Aussage rüberkommt. Die Szenen sind eine verrückte Mischung aus Braveheart, Conan, Stargate, Star Wars, Rambo und noch viel mehr. Faszinierend. (2/4)

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