pride, stupid slogans 

one of the things i hate most about pride month: how everything and every stupid slogan has to be about love.

i never understood "love". in fact, i feel super uncomfortable about it since people tried to force it on me from an early age and acted like i am the problem for not getting it.

so what now, am i even allowed to call myself queer at this point? :blobfoxteaglare:


pride, stupid slogans 

to me it always feels like some weird monogamous heteronormative default that's never questioned, not even by most queer people. why is the best thing people can come up with in opposition to monogamy "polyamory", where even the word contains love...

i never understood this weird system where you divide between "friend relationships" and "love relationships", and somehow i'm assumed broken for this, even though i can have deep relationships with people just the same

love, representation 

i also don't like how everytime i'm recommended books/series/movies with queer characters i'm like "uh that sounds nice" and then comes the love plot and i just sigh and move on..

yes, i'd like some representation please, but that's not me at all

love, representation 

@aurora went to a trans liberation march in boston. lots of love slogans used about trans shit??? and only one very vry tiny aro flag in the entire festival :(

anyway yeah "love is love" has the vibes of a cis liberal who got into gay rights activism when gay marriage came up, and considers queerphobia solved now that gay people can get married

pride, stupid slogans 

@aurora my personal experience is that it's a bit hard for me to differentiate between friendship and love in general
I snuggle all of my friends (this is kinda different from love as well though) and feel very affectionate towards them, so I'd say I love all of my friends, but this is somewhat still separated from being in a relationship with a person, the main difference to me only being time commitment though maybe 🤔
I don't know how it's supposed to feel differently uwu

pride, stupid slogans 

@aurora deswegen mag ich auch das Konzept der Beziehungsanarchie so, warum es anders machen als an den Bedürfnissen jeder einzelnen Beziehung ausrichten.

pride, stupid slogans 

@aurora That's true... Btw, that's the reason why the word polyamory confused me for a long time, because I took it literally, while most other people seem to use it as an umbrella term for everything that's not monogamy. By now, I've just accepted this use of the word and use it myself in this wider sense, but you're right, it's not really the right term.

@aurora You aren't alone, my partner also doesn't understand why I have a firm distinction between friendships and romantic relationships, so that I will refuse to call her my best friend when she's my romantic partner.

So you definitely aren't broken, but some people making this distinction also might have a point beyond "that's how everybody does".
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