i still can't get over the fact that people bring rainbow flags with hammer and sickle on them to pride. why. that's not just a symbol for "yay communism" or "i don't like the usa/capitalism/everyone", it's specifically tied to the soviet union and other authoritarian regimes. and don't give me that shit about "but that's not it's origin!", that's the same argument fascists use for their confederate flags. it's a symbol of oppression for a lot of people. and yes, also for queer people.

even if it wasn't for all that, it's 2021. how many people in the "working class" are still using a sickle or a hammer in their daily jobs? find a better symbol. this one really isn't worth reclaiming.

sickle and hammer 

@aurora ty for articulating this

we knew a queer system that grew up in siberia and told us they had a kid come to their class wearing a soviet shirt and the kid was sent home because No

reclaimation is pretty much the only thing i think of when it comes to that symbol

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