@aurora Really nice view! And in the summer it will probably be all green, with no other buildings visible? :)

@IngaLovinde oh. yeah no, ours is nice and wild thanks to the fact that nobody has done anything in the last 50+ years (but also not to the house, which has advantages, but also not). we also have owls here (the historic graveyard is one block over, and the big park is right around the corner), maybe they'll come around here too, that'd be awesome :)

@aurora That must be nice! The only thing we have around the corner is the trunk suburban/regional/ICE railway (with an ICE every 15 minutes) and autobahn :(

@IngaLovinde oh, that sounds annoying. i used to live right next to the railway for a long time (though they eventually rerouted the ice, that was some small town drama), so i kinda know that. i really love my new flat, it's super quiet here and i can hear the birds :)

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