looks almost liveable by now :)

(fixed the wiring & lights, swept down 10 years of dust, dropped off some furniture)

still not sure how to get the super long corridor to look a bit more...uh...nice? maybe i'll add some shelves or something

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i measured the flat today, and that corridor is 13m long 🤨 idk why, but that's more than i expected.
so anyway, to get from the main part of the flat to my rooms that are way out in the "garden" you have to take a 13m corridor 😅

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@Toive8547 kind of? it's a stained glass window to the staircase, and in the staircase there's a window to the outside half a floor down (the house layout is very interesting and hard to understand, even with a floor plan). i might put some spider plants there, they should be fine with the light

@aurora sounds cool, a spider plant should thrive. I have a sansevieria and an zamioculcas in my room (which is rather dark) and they are doing fine too.

maybe posters
and 3-4 little colourfull rugs?

@luna @aurora seconding the posters! That long wall just asks for artwork.

@aurora remove all lights, add a flickering neon tube, maybe add some facehugger sounds? 😉

@aurora du könntest ihn komplett mit Molton verkleiden und deine Tür hinten offen lassen. Dann ist Heimkommen fast wie der Übergang ins Paradies, an welches ich zwar nicht glaube aber die Idee ist nett.

@aurora i could imagine that taping some geometric art onto the walls, or using these long led-strips could make for some interesting visuals 🤷‍♀️

ich weiß ich habs hier auch schon gelesen aber "Poster!" und vllt so halbhohe Regale, dann wirkt es nicht so wie ein Tunnel (hallo an alle Leute da draußen, die außer mir noch Angst in langen, hohen und schmalen Tunnelgängen haben) und auch in halbhohe Regale passt ganz gut Kleinkram rein :)

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