scanned some old slides from the trash, this was apparently the headquarters of the robotron personal computer subdivison in karl-marx-stadt (now chemnitz). i'm curious about that "art" - i guess it's a punch card pattern? is it possible to decode this?

hmm, just found this picture of robotron dresden, and that's definitely a different pattern? so i guess it doesn't just spell robotron?

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I haven't checked but IIRC in morse code "O" is 3 dots? the first row has several 3 dots pattern, maybe it spells Robotron?

@aurora You made me search too, found the same picture, wondered about it. Dresden has four "levels"/lines/columns, yours only has two. Google was surprisingly unhelpful, it seems there's a ton of stuff on the web about robotron but nothing about those "dots"...

@aurora It seems to have enough characters (from where I can vaguely see gaps) to be 8 letters, so there's a high chance it's robotron

Is it braile for some reason?

@MxCraven i'm pretty sure it's a punchcard pattern, since they made these machines. i thought it might just say robotron, but then i found this, and that's a different pattern, so, ugh, no idea:

@aurora Maybe they remade the punchcard language they used to sell newer models :P

@aurora same company, different building, different pattern, but same style. Couldn't figure out what they're about though.
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