so i don't really like apple or their products, but one thing that is super awesome is the fact that you can get schematics and boardview files for most of their computers. today i was able to hunt down the problems on a partially dead macbook pro to a leaking capacitor and a shorted input on a controller and revive the whole thing by swapping two components from another dead board. in-depth troubleshooting like this is pretty much impossible on most other brands due to a lack of documentation.

which should not imply that apple is giving up this information willingly, or that they use less proprietary bullshit components that you can't replace unless you have another dead board with a different fault

but apparently there's a community that is very good at stealing this information and putting it on the internet

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@aurora well yes and no, some components are really obscure and probably on purpose, Apple forbid the fundry of selling them to others.
cf. Louis Rossmann videos…

@aurora as for schematics, did you find them on apple's site in the open or did you have to pay or find some obscure forum to dig them?

All those ought to be public for all vendors anyway… Just as they used to be by default.

@mmu_man i specifically mentioned the component problem.

of course they're not on apple's sites. it's mostly suspicious looking russian or bulgarian sites with flashing ads that look like they might give you viruses.

that was not my point, my point is that you can find them at all, because there is a very active community that leaks these and keeps them online. in comparison, i've been looking for a schematic and boardview for my slightly-broken thinkpad e560 for ages - they just do not exist.

@aurora well I managed to find ones for my T510 when the fan broke. Not on Lenovo's website, for sure.

@aurora btw, according to this thread the schematics do exist:
Not sure where they get them though.

@aurora stealing this information and putting it on the internet ist gut!

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