it's 2020 and i'm currently debugging a software problem in windows 98

where did i go wrong in life

i'm at that point where i'll probably have to leave my bed, go to the hackspace next door, pull some laptop with a com-port from the junk pile and do a fresh install of windows 98 just to make sure it's neither the hardware nor the system

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there are no laptops with com-ports in the pile. what the fuck. there are several laptops with fixed internal floppy drives, but no com-port. what kind of bullshit is this.

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not sure where i went wrong in life, but i probably deserve this

12 hours later and i'm already reinstalling it due to unfixable driver problems :D ah yes, just like back then

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@aurora Epic! Works better than the most recent versions :blobcatgiggle: :windows:

@jrss well i'm open to suggestions, if you can recommend me (free) software and a diy-interface to flash a motorola MC68HC711KA4 in-circuit that does not require windows 98 i'd be glad to hear it

@aurora oh I totally didn't see it that way. I was just wondering why would anyone want to run win98... sure is a challenge there :)

@aurora But Windows 98 is the greatest Windows of all time.

@aurora wow scenic is right that's a pretty laptop ✨

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