throwback to the time high-end tvs had printer connectors so you could print videotext


fun story: this was a giant crt tv from the 80s. around 40kgs. sold via ebay. some guy came with his wife to pick it up, both me and her offered to help him carry it, he refused, because y'know, strong man and all that. we lived on the 4th floor with a pretty narrow staircase. shortly after we closed the door behind him, we heard a very loud crashing noise form the staircase. we did not investigate further.

@aurora so masculinity was not the only fragile thing in this case

@Stoori definitely not 😁 was a beovision lx2800, these things are sturdy. maybe it just crushed his masculinity 🤷‍♀️

@Stoori @aurora

a lot of the folk on the British vintage electronics forum (V-RAT) are TV repair engineers and they mention this situation quite often, where a middle aged man struggles with a heavy CRT TV set (or other similarly bulky thing) and refuses any help (whilst in the actual workshops those sets were always a 2 person lift, even in the days before so-called "political correctness"

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