ok so that is not the reference picture i took years ago that i was looking for, but it is pretty fucking aesthetic i think

with everything being black smd components these days i really start to miss these colourful components

@aurora i miss through hole construction in consumer electronics tbh

@alexis absolutely. and this is even a one-sided pcb! haven't seen these in consumer electronics for a really long time

@aurora especially when you loose a black screw in a newly build PC with black components on black PCBs...

@aurora Band II (VHF/FM) receiver of some kind? I tracked down the TDA1579 IC as some kind of decoder for a traffic announcement (seems to be a protocol pre-dating RDS?) but it looks almost too big for a car radio (maybe its just the close up picture making it look larger than it is?)

@vfrmedia yes, just an old car radio with an ari-decoder (ari being a kind of predecessor to rds working with acoustic signals). it's just a weird perspective, this is under the (removed) cassette mechanism

@aurora They certainly had an aesthetic with single-sided wave-soldered PCBs, with all the jumpers etc. and everything being easily replaceable.

@aurora And everything having proper part numbers on them. And components being easy to reuse, just desolder what you need or hit it with a heat gun

@x44203 yeah, although this one already shows signs of the decline in part numbers: that chip in the lower left corner is actually a 93c46 eeprom that was relabeled, most likely for "security reasons" (it contains the anti-theft code)

@aurora Sometimes even the markings get sanded off

@x44203 i've definitely spent way too much time looking at chips through a microscope and tilting the light ever so slightly to read whatever remains of the markings 😐

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