hot take: linux distros are just zodiac signs for techbros

"well she's an arch but i'm a manjaro, we're just not compatible"

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@aurora I'm pretty sure zodiac sign discrimination is extremely rare IRL since sign distribution is uniform and therefore arbitrary.
Distro distribution isn't and therefore discrimination and rumors are real.
So far I've only known of one other person running debian unstable. Once in a while I'm ridiculed for running a dinosaur by arch fans who don't know debian doesn't even wait for releases and will happily package raw git checkouts if they feel like it.

@aurora Please, I want Saint Seiya with distros.

@aurora This is brilliant, actually. Would you mind if I took a screenshot of this thread for fb? Maybe somebody'll make that zodiac.
I could blot out your name, it's up to you. Thanks!

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