oh yes, late 80s high-end car audio for rich fucks, where your dedicated cassette player (it's a car audio component system, because of course it is) has a giant lcd whose only function is to display an animation of an tape playing

the animation is kinda nice, though

one of the reasons i'm cynic about this is that after over a decade of working on this stuff i've come to know what these people listen to, thanks to all the stuck media i had to remove

yes, i pulled the pan flute acoustic version of the dirty dancing soundtrack from a $5000 soundsystem

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@aurora pfffffhahaha there should be some kind of like 1/2th circle of hell for this. like i mean at least you would expect DG Karajan reissues or something, just,

@alexis ha, no. it's mostly schlager. got an super expensive aftermarket audio system from a fresh usa import last week, there was a cd with horrible christian rock stuck in it.

i think the only positive exception was the original 1970s iron maiden tape i got from a (also usa-imported) porsche radio, and i don't even like iron maiden 😆

@aurora it's like the dark world version of what happened when i went on ebay last year and grabbed a couple of big minidisc collections that folks in japan were selling off dirt cheap

granted most of that so far has also been just like general purpose pop music, but it's fun and catchy and if the lyrics are bad well that's not a problem for monoglot me! 😄


@alexis i made a radio show about tapes from car wrecks a while ago, which are especially interesting, because the tape stops at the exact point where power is cut (unlike cds), so we can assume what exactly people where listening to the moment they crashed their car

hint: it's mostly eurodance

@aurora i feel like that is a very reasonable correlation

t. had to deliberately stop listening to EDM and allied genres in the car years back bc it was that or get my license lifted for too many speeding tickets

@alexis @aurora

I only recently got my licence (on new drivers probation until next year,, as little as 2 speeding violations can get it revoked, so I have to be really careful if listening to old skool rave to watch my right foot (I often mute music altogether in busy areas/at complex junctions)

also the cops here research stuff like this, I suspect its a big reason why so many clubs have closed and since 2015 UK has the strictest DUI limits in Northern Europe against drug driving >>

@vfrmedia @aurora these days i just listen to history podcasts in the car lol. haven't had a stop or a ticket in about a decade

here in the US the primacy of car culture means the limits are pretty broad, where i live for example you need 12 points on your license for it to be automatically suspended, with most speeding tickets being 1 or at most 2 points. i topped out at 11

@alexis @aurora

UK used to be lenient; but its now at *least* 3 points for a speeding violation, 6 will get a new driver revoked (they must do both theory and practical test again!), 12 is normally disqualification for anyone over 2 years driving experience.

DUI is at least a years ban, all of these result in highly increased insurance premiums for about 10 years.

Outside cities Britain is one of Europe's most car dependent countries, so most begrudgingly obey the rules. >>

@alexis @aurora

this has had a big knock on effect on night-time culture in UK as well as raves/festivals (even pre-Covid 19), as venues that people have to drive to/from them result in a lot of DUI busts especially amongst young middle class people who don't think they will get caught - so over the years many have closed and the remaining ones end up in big cities with 24 hour public transport (which is only a few cities such as London and Manchester)

@alexis @aurora

interestingly I have to also turn down heavy metal on the community radio station for the same reason, or I can end up starting to go over the 70mph (112km/h) speed limit on the fast highways - and I'm not even a particularly great fan of heavy metal!

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