it mostly worked and just needed some love. the pcb has no support in the middle bottom and so has curved inwards a lot over the years, leading to the tubes being very asymmetric, so i corrected that, they are now mostly straight. and the contacts in the tube sockets needed some cleaning. also cleaned and polished the glass, that was *really* necessary

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after a friend told me this thing must use a lot of power i got curious and measured around. current draw is around 19-20mA (230V AC), so around 4,5W. which is a lot for a clock, but still, not that much. that leaves me at 3 cents a day / 23 cents a week / 12€ a year. i'm fine with this.
also, with brightness on high i totally save on other light sources, that's enough to light up my room.
(interestingly, brightness has no effect on power usage)

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and back to my initial concerns: it is pretty quiet. because it has a discrete power supply instead of the switching power supplies modern vfds use, the only noise is a very quiet hum from the transformer. i'm usually very on edge about these things, but this one is very quiet and super constant and at an not-that-annoying frequency, so far i'm able to deal. 😅

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i should put a webcam up that transmits that clock and nothing else, i just think the glow of the tubes is very soothing

also how does that webcam have more dead pixels everytime i use it 🤔

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oh. so the webcam is from 2001 and the clock is from 1982, which means when the webcam was new the clock was just as old as the webcam is now.

that feels wrong.

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