oh it's cold enough to wear this fluffy leopard-print dress my friend gave me
*looks in the mirror*
oh fuck, this is the exact style my sister had when she was in her mid-20s, and i swore i'd never be like her 😆

i'm still missing the piercings and the brightly coloured hair, tho, so it's alright 😅


i think if my sister was 10 years younger she'd probably be on masto. i mean, furry goth girl whos probably a lesbian with a phd in classical archeology, that checks a lot of boxes

hell that would be awkward

just remembered that time when my sister was 16 and put up a big poster of posh spice in a swimsuit next to her bed and then later got into a fight with our mom over it

when i brought this up years later she got super red and tried to pretend it never happened

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my sister went straight from horse girl to female pop star fan phase, then went away for a year in an exchange programme to kentucky of all places, where she was kicked out by two conservative guest families, came back a goth girl and then pretty much directly moved out and started living at her "good friends" place

there's a story here and i'd really love to know it, she never talked about any of this

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needless to say, 8-year old me was very confused

28-year old me can see a theme

i mean, she did turn vegetarian around the same time

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@aurora "The Girl/Woman in the Glass Closet" would make for a really good book/movie title ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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