all this for one night, and hardly anyone even showed up, i'd guess it was at most 40 people

well that's just art i guess

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there was also an audio installation accompanying the whole thing

we set up a transmitter and taped a bunch of old portable radios to trees or hid them in hedges, the effect was nicer than i thought it would be

i mean our part was ok, someone else fucked up the backend, which - among other things - led to a youtube advertisment being played back at full volume through the whole park

so that was fun

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i also liked the part where someone accidentally unplugged the transmitter and suddenly you're in a dark park completely surrounded by distributed white noise that's just coming from everywhere

no seriously, that was amazing

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also, imagine being paid 15€/h to tape radios to trees

that was not a career option school ever told me about

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@aurora every time I’m like, nobody told me I could be paid a bunch to think about plugs & cables, my earliest special interest. It’s good stuff

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