i bought stupid things on the internet! things that i really wanted 15 years ago but could never afford and now i found a broken one for real cheap locally and i'm gonna fix it up and hack it to hell! i'm going to pick it up with a friend in an hour! i'm excited!

it's my stupid dream cyberpunk portable stereo, a beosound century mk1! it has proximity sensors that make things magically move, there's a smoky black glass door, the colour scheme is red on black, the buttons are illuminated by red leds and turn on/off depending on function, there's a black/red-led-segment-display, also seemingly every queer coded 90s movie villian had one (or similar b&o models) in their lair, so it's fucking awesome!

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gonna use it for outdoor cinema and other terrible things just to make the "oh no it's a collectors piece and also my snobby loft has one and i don't want you dirty punks appropriating my style" nerds angry

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fun fact: i used to fix 70s/80s b&o and was active in several forums and lots of people sent me their stuff to fix

until someone found out who i was in real life and the snobs were disgusted that instead of the distinguished old engineer they imagined i was just some queer immigrant hacker kid

i didn't get much work afterwards, but i was fed up with them anyways, so i started specializing in other stuff, mainly 80s car stereos

and then i stopped getting that work when i said i was antifascist

like, there's some forum thread out there where i defended the g20 protests and got a fuckload of death threats in return

not even for saying "fuck the police", just for saying "hey, there are valid reasons to protest g20"

the vintage audio scene is wild, yo.

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after that the guy whose jaguar xj stereo i was currently working on sent me a mail requesting i stop and send it back so he can take it somewhere else, because he "couldn't reconcile with his conscience that he was funding antifa by giving me work"

so that was fun

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Oh come on! Give us a chance then!
Some of us are quite geeky and cuddly.

@gemlog @aurora

please do not "not all men" in my mentions or anywhere kthx

@lyliawisteria @aurora as an old white guy, can confirm: privilege is a hell of a drug, and it takes a lot of effort to recover from it enough to stop being a bastard

@aurora TBH I always remember that folk who could afford any of that kit (or Jags) back in the day where always soulless rightwingers, unless they sold drugs (in which case they generally tended to get nicked and sent to prison and the courts would take all the stuff off them and auction it, which is also where a lot of todays collectors are getting their equipment from)

@aurora I remember how angry the rightwing-nuts were that drug takers and black/brown folk had changed the brand image of the Technics SL1200 turntable, although I also knew of several pairs that had been paid for by sales of pot, pills and powder - this does mean there is a whole lot of of my generation who is into 80s/90s audio but generally avoids the forums with straightlaced older folk for obvious reasons (even if today they are not involved in anything "bad" at all)

@vfrmedia yeah, it's kinda awkward how not being in the "in-group" somehow makes you unworthy of owning the same gear they do, and god forbid if you use it in a different way. been through that in a lot of scenes. at the same time these folks are mostly unapologetically capitalist, which makes the whole thing even more hypocritical. of course anyone can buy an sl1200 and do whatever the fuck they want with it, why shouldn't they? 😑

@vfrmedia i also own/share a 1980s "classic" car. with a mileage of 600.000+ km it's obviously well taken care off, but it does look slightly rough, some patches aren't welded that nicely, one door is a different colour, the outside is usually dirty. over the years i've been accosted several times by people accusing me of "letting this beauty go to waste", telling me "it's a shame", etc., and it's always like...why the hell do you care, just get your own if it's so damn important to you.

@aurora at least most Brits (who have any real interest in cars) would be more likely to congratulate you for keeping it on the road and realise that body shops that can deal with classics and single stage paintwork aren't exactly cheap..

I do have an interest in car detailing but because of this I fully accept if someone /doesn't/ want to spend 2-4 hours every few weeks cleaning a car (its a heckload of work)

@aurora in any case the SL1200 was already part of disco culture by the late 1980s (I remember seeing it in some book about "how to be a disk jockey") from 1979/1980, before that the Garrard 401 from UK (which also had varispeed) was used for beat mixing..

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