random information: in 2005, the country of georgia fired almost all of its police force. at once. the whole institution was just deemed unsalvageable (corruption, abuse of power, you know). they then rebuilt the whole thing. the country got by just fine without police for some months. there are several studies on the results, apparently it worked out pretty well:

not only this, they also rebuilt many police stations afterwards. the buildings are now more "transparent" so people can actually see what the cops are doing:

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@aurora Northern Ireland also re-formed (as in formed again) their police force

@ebel There's no comparison. They mainly changed the name getting rid of the word Royal. An alternative comparison would be when the Americans removed the police and security forces from Iraq while rebuilding it over months which led to the destruction of the Museum/Library of Bagdhad among other things. @aurora

@DesCoutinho OK, fair enough. I honeslty, don't know a lot about the specific of RUC→PSNI change, but it does seem superficial

@ebel They are the Police force for the Protestant Majority in Northern Ireland and although they have made great changes and prospered since the good friday agreement the people still believe if they join with the south even to stay in Europe the Catholics will have their turn and take revenge. Then they'll be replaced by a catholic police force. Neither side want to get rid of the police.

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