look what i just found on the street! and carried home several kilometeres, and it's fucking heavy, and now my arms hurt, and i really shouldn't be left alone around old audio equipement. but it's cute!

it lives! some disassembly, some grease, some bending things back where they belong, some cleaning. and a different pickup, the one in it would only play the right channel. of course i had a spare pickup for a 1970s gdr record player, who do you think i am, some kind of normal person? and i swapped out that west german classical music for something more appropriate.

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fun fact: if you really don't want to do that other thing you really should be doing, you can instead polish old, scratched to hell acrylic covers back to a high gloss.
...anyway, what do i do with this thing now? 😅

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@aurora 😍 so cute!
why don't people around me throw those kind of things away?

@aurora Auction it off? There might be people who are really looking for these, especially if in good working condition.

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