more things from the trashpile: this beautiful space-age hifi-system. golden plastic with illuminated touch control buttons, blue scale lights, brushed aluminium everywhere. it's so trash i just have to love it. i have a really hard time deciding against taking this thing home, but i already have a similar system at home (not that much space age, though. no gold. more late 80s blinkenlights). trying to fix the cassette deck (stuck mechanics) and the record player (broken mechanics).

fixed the tapedeck! and the lid, it now stays open by itself :) still struggling with the record player, i need to re-engineer a broken lever, gluing it did not work (like at all)

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still working on this thing, and i got something done today! the record player works again :) i rebuilt a broken lever, glued a broken switch, and re-lubed the whole thing. some parts needed treatment with a heat gun before they started moving at all.
now i just need to source a pickup for it, because of course dual used a proprietary mounting system. oh, and fun fact: this actually has all the mech for a record changer, it's just missing the record spindle. i might just get one...

oh no, one of the amps is blown. both output transistors have a short, and there's also a short somewhere else. that means a lot of disassembly...

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@aurora oh, good old Dual player… I kept the amp from a broken one, still use it a decade later.

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