all it needed was some love (and lots of soap). i didn't even notice there was a two-tone-design going on before. 😁

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i also pulled the (equally disgusting) "made for windows 98" model from another trash pile, it's interesting to see the subtle changes. there's an €-sign now, among other things.

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@aurora Heh, this version was the first keyboard I ever used. Now I prefer the mechanical G80 ones, but this type of G83 (especially the Win 95 ones) will always have a special place in my heart :D

I'm really happy to see it cleaned up!

@aurora sind das die schweren teile, mit denen man Leute erschlagen könnte? Die, die beim tippen wie Maschinengewehre klingen? 😅 hab ich auch noch ein oder zwei, aber noch pre ps/2-Stecker

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