i like art in public spaces, especially if its context changed over time.
todays exhibit: the foot. this used to be a bronze statue of a female gymnast, standing in front of the gym next to the former "polytechnic secondary school". in socialist times it was a usual practice to place statues like that as a sort of motivation, to showcase what could be. after socialism...well, things didn't look so good. the statue was vandalized often, but always restored (eventually). (1/2)

in 2013 it was ripped off its pedestal, dragged away, and abandoned nearby. the police seized it, and disappeared from the storage area. it was probably stolen and sold as scrap metal, or the city took the chance and finally got rid of this financial burden. who knows. they left the pedestal with the foot, basically creating a completely new piece of art: socialist realism turned into conceptual art. (2/2)

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